League of Conservation Voters Backs Brown and Mazzeo in LD2; No endorsement in LD1

Bramnick, right, with Assemblyman Chris Brown (R-2).
Bramnick, right, with Assemblyman Chris Brown (R-2).

Today the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters (New Jersey LCV) released its first round of 2015 endorsements for the New Jersey State Assembly.

“New Jersey LCV’s work to elect pro-environment legislators is critical to making the conservation a priority in Trenton.  This outstanding group earned our support because they are fighting to protect the environment and have a solid plan to win their election,” said Ed Potosnak, Executive Director of New Jersey LCV.

In 2013, New Jersey LCV Political Action Committee spent significant money supporting pro-environment candidates.  “New Jersey LCV Political Action Committee committed 20 times more than the entire environmental community had spent in ten years.  New Jersey LCV endorsees are receiving record support with everything from volunteers to paid staff and mailings,” Potosnak continued.

“New Jersey LCV’s growth is critical to advancing pro-environment legislation. A majority of New Jerseyans want the Garden State to be a leader on addressing climate change; preservation and stewardship of our farms, forests, and historic sites; improving public health; and holding polluters accountable for creating toxic lands and water.  We are thrilled so many candidates are seeking our support,” explained Potosnak.

As of September 14, 2015 Endorsees Include:

LD 2:   Assemblyman Chris A. Brown, Republican

LD 2:   Assemblyman  Vince Mazzeo, Democrat

LD 7:   Assemblyman  Herb Conaway, Democrat

LD 14: Assemblyman  Wayne DeAngelo, Democrat

LD 14: Assemblyman  Daniel  Benson, Democrat

LD 15: Assemblyman  Reed Gusciora, Democrat

LD 15: Assemblywoman Elizabeth Muoio, Democrat

LD 16: Dr. Andrew Zwicker, Democrat

LD 17: Assemblyman  Joe Danielsen, Democrat

LD 18: Assemblyman  Patrick Diegnan, Democrat

LD 18: Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin, Democrat

LD 19: Assemblyman  John Wisniewski, Democrat

LD 20: Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, Democrat

LD 20: Assemblyman  Jamel Holley, Democrat

LD 27: Assemblyman  John McKeon, Democrat

LD 27: Assemblywoman Mila Jasey, Democrat

LD 31: Mr. Nicholas Chiaravalloti, Democrat

LD 32: Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez, Democrat

LD 36: Assemblywoman Marlene Caride, Democrat

LD 37: Assemblyman  Gordon Johnson, Democrat

LD 37: Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Democrat

LD 38: Assemblyman  Joseph Lagana, Democrat

LD 38: Assemblyman  Tim Eustace, Democrat

LD 40: Ms. Christine Ordway, Democrat

LD 40: Mr. Paul Vagianos, Democrat

“The legislature has begun to stand up for future generations by opposing the Christie Administration’s attempts to rollback critical environmental safeguards including rules that protect clean water and air.  This slate of endorsees are among the strongest environmental leaders in the Assembly,” Potosnak concluded.

New Jersey LCV endorsed 25 candidates in 16 Legislative Districts.  The initial slate includes one Republican, and 24 Democrats; four of the endorsees are candidates in open seats or challenging incumbents.   Democrats control both chambers of the legislature, 48 – 32 in the Assembly and 24 – 16 in the Senate.

New Jersey LCV uses a rigorous evaluation process to vet candidates for endorsement.  To earn an endorsement by New Jersey LCV, candidates must first complete a questionnaire on the most pressing environmental and conservation issues facing New Jersey followed, in many cases, by an interview. Additionally, the environmental voting record and score on the New Jersey LCV Scorecard are reviewed for incumbents.  Challengers are vetted on a commitment to the environment and their electability. League of Conservation Voters Backs Brown and Mazzeo in LD2; No endorsement in LD1