Lieberman Coming to Teaneck in Support of Gottheimer

Former U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) will be Teaneck this evening in support of fledgling CD5 Democratic candidate Josh

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 31:  Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-CT)(R) and U.S. U.S. Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA)(L) participate in a during a news conference on Congressional insider trading on January 31, 2012 in Washington, DC. U.S. Sen. Lieberman to discussed Senate action on "The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act." That would barr Congress and their staff from using information they obtain as part of their jobs to profit from securities trades.  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)


Lieberman will appear with Gottheimer at a fundraising event at the home of Robert and Sarah Goodman.

Gottheimer seeks funds in support of his 2016 campaign to oust U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett (R-5). According to the invitation, this evening’s event suggests contributions of $1,000, $500, and $250.


Lieberman Coming to Teaneck in Support of Gottheimer