Netflix to Produce Original Episodes of ‘Black Mirror’

Black Mirror, the show that warns about the terrifying dangers of modern technology, is coming to the most modern mode of television we have.

'White Bear.' (Channel 4)
‘White Bear.’ (Channel 4) Netflix

In a fun little piece of irony, a show that warns about the terrifying dangers of modern technology is coming to the most modern mode of television we have.

Radio Times reports that Netflix will produce “multiple episodes” of Black Mirror, the technology-damning dystopian anthology from creator Charlie Brooker. The agreement is between the streaming network and Mr. Brooker’s production company House of Tomorrow.

The first two seasons, three episodes each, originally aired on the UK’s Channel 4 before coming to Netflix. A special Christmas episode starring Jon Hamm also aired on Channel 4, but is not yet available to stream.

Black Mirror gained attention as modern TV’s Twilight Zone last year basically by sheer word of mouth, and with good reason. Each chapter is a self-contained horror parable, and they are…unique. Let’s just say it’s one of those shows where if you recommend it to someone, you feel bad suggesting they watch in chronological order because in the very first episode a dude fucks a pig.

O.K., that scenario really only applies to Black Mirror. But in the context of the episode, it makes sense, and is somehow the satisfying conclusion. That’s Black Mirror’s brilliance. It uses grotesque imagery and genuine discomfort in just enough of a plausible way to somehow make you want to look down at your iPhone just a little bit less throughout the day. Plus, there is a cavalcade of familiar faces ranging from Mr. Hamm to Ex Machina‘s Domnhall Gleeson to Agent Carter‘s Hayley Atwell to keep you somewhat comfortably grounded in reality.

Netflix and Channel 4 are tight-lipped on any information, so we can’t predict when new Black Mirror will pop up. But I can endorse catching up. I recommend starting with the Christmas episode, which really throws you into what kind of beast Black Mirror is, and includes an ending as chilling as any I’ve seen on TV or film. Then move on to the legitimately moving ‘Entire History of You’ and ‘Be Right Back.’ Or if you want to be straight horrified, season two’s ‘White Bear.’ ‘Fifteen Million Merits’ and ‘The Waldo Moment’ are weaker, but still worth your time.

Then, if you’re feeling up to it, watch the first episode. The one with the pig. Trust me, it makes sense. Netflix to Produce Original Episodes of ‘Black Mirror’