Old Spice Overnights Man Prop Tiger From Their Ads After He Asks for Free Body Wash

(Screengrab: YouTube)

(Screengrab: YouTube)

An Imgur user opened a massive package sent to his house to find a full-size stuffed tiger.

It wasn’t just any stuffed tiger, though; it turns out it’s the very feline from the popular Old Spice commercials. It was mailed to him overnight after he asked the company for free body wash, claiming he was at a friend’s house and forgot his, in the comment section of an Imgur post promoted by Old Spice.

(Screengrab: Imgur)

(Screengrab: Imgur)

Old Spice replied to his comment, saying they wouldn’t send him any body wash but would send him a “nearly full-sized jungle cat tax” if he direct messaged them. They weren’t bluffing. Check out the post below with pictures of the lucky man unwrapping the tiger, his cat investigating it and even a letter of authenticity from Terry Crews, the actor and former football player who stars in the company’s commercials.

01 - jYSiE8O

The box was HUGE and obviously prompted many cat investigations (Photo/caption: Imgur)

02 - GMftnd9

(Photo: Imgur)

03 - EbsWrp6

Tiger? (Photo/caption: Imgur)

04 - RF0eXS3

Sorry for the shakiness I was hype as hell. (Photo/caption: Imgur)

05 - aGwlNQG

(Photo: Imgur)

06 - DXTrHZA

Holy shit, they weren’t kidding, it’s a damn tiger! (Photo/caption: Imgur)

07 - Z9woNqg

More cat investigations. (Photo/caption: Imgur)

08 - emPGE5i

(Photo: Imgur)

09 - RbaxSm0

(Photo: Imgur)

10 - ZIxntaJ

(Photo: Imgur)

11 - ofpbjJv

Note from the glorious individual that grew our cat family today. (Photo/caption: Imgur)

12 - ihkgeyG

Certificate of authenticity. I now have Terry Crews’ autograph and Tiger. One step closer to being him. (Photo/caption: Imgur)

13 - ZafDEBp

Not sure if they like their new cat brother. (Photo/caption: Imgur)

14 - bXhAr6i

(Photo: Imgur)

15 - PnrHpUM

(Photo: Imgur)

16 - iYsBTpv

Cat investigations cont. (Photo/caption: Imgur)

18 - jdRzC5q

Because god forbid I take a picture they aren’t in. (Photo/caption: Imgur)

19 - StyijAO

(Photo: Imgur)

20 - WK52UyY

All in all I got the Tiger, a certificate of authenticity that it was the one used in the commercials, a note from the Old Spice wizard that sent me this amazing package, and three bottles of Timber and three sticks of Bearglove. (Photo/caption: Imgur)

21 - 46nMBoc

Now accepting potential names for the Tiger. As the future centerpiece of my house it needs to have an awesome name. (Photo/caption: Imgur)

The original post can be found here. Old Spice Overnights Man Prop Tiger From Their Ads After He Asks for Free Body Wash