PolitickerNJ News Digest: Sept. 21st

Mayor Redd at Wednesday's press conference
Mayor Redd at Wednesday’s press conference

It’s Monday in New Jersey, time to take a look at who made out the best in last week’s scrum of state and national politics.

CNN Post-debate Prez Poll: Christie in Ninth Place
Lagging far behind front-runner Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina, who has surged into second, Gov. Chris Christie comes in ninth place in a post-presidential debate CNN Poll Sundayy.
Trump has 24%, according to the poll, followed by Fiorina with 15%.
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Winners and Losers: Week of September 14
It was a busy week in state and presidential politics. So who saw their fortunes rise and who saw them fall? Check out our list.
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Source: Public Employees Will Side With Dems in Burlco
A source close to the South Jersey Democrats and Burlington County freeholder candidates Aimee Belgard and Joanne Scwartz said Friday that the public employees’ unions there will likely fall down on the Democratic side. The Republican challengers Kate Gibbs and Ryan Peters have enjoyed significant labor support so far, with the IUOE Local 825 coming out with an endorsement for the Gibbs-Peters ticket earlier this week.
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Report: The 100 Most Dangerous Towns in New Jersey
Using information published by New Jersey Monthly, Patch identified the 100 New Jersey towns with the highest violent crime rates based on reported violent crimes per 1,000 residents.
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In Paterson’s Toughest Ward: a Pastor and Assemblywoman Insist on Politics
The cops found a woman who OD’d in an abandoned house here in the 4th Ward in the dead of winter, less lucky than the one wearing a mink coat but otherwise naked trying to hock a diamond ring for drugs before they picked her up and booked her. The luxury automobiles from the burbs roll in sometimes, driven by teens when their parents’ backs are turned, delivered to drug lords in exchange for the goods. Heroin haunts these streets.
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Van Drew Talks The Assembly Race and His Bipartisan Home Turf in LD1
A crowd of nearly 2,000 people gathered at the home of Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1) Friday, where Van Drew hosted his annual barbecue alongside Assemblyman Bob Anderzejczak (D-1) and running mate Bruce Land, the other members of the self-described ‘Van Drew Team’ in this year’s state Assembly race.
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Lesniak Blasts Trump for Obama Comments, Calls on Republicans
State Senator Ray Lesniak is calling Republicans to denounce Trump over comments made at a Thursday town hall event that Obama was a Muslim and questioning his American citizenship.
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Bowen, Garden State Equality Part Ways
Garden State Equality’s Executive Director Andrea “Andy” Bowen has resigned to focus on economic justice issues closer to home in Brooklyn, NY. It’s an “amicable” split and Bowen remains committed to a smooth transition and new leadership.
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Chamber Business Summit Ends With Lively Legislative Panel
The latest jobs numbers suggest that New Jersey’s business climate is showing signs of life, but there is anxiety among the state business leaders and this so-called summit was intended to bring business and government together to try and figure out how to get the simmer to a boil. The main areas of concern are taxes (too high), Regulations (too many), workforce readiness (not enough) and transportation and infrastructure (it’s all falling apart.)
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Regional Plan Association Pres.: New Tunnel Would Address Need in Rails and Economy
Behind landmark projects — the George Washington Bridge, New York’s Second Avenue Subway, the Revitalization of Newark — is a group that studies the proposals impact on poverty rates and crime. Safe streets and sustainability, the strength of power grids and old underground pipes. Along with local governments and their debt loads, that big picture is the focus of the Regional Plan Association, which produces a comprehensive proposal every 30 years and is about to publish its fourth in 90 years. It’s President is Tom Wright, who told NJTV News Anchor Mary Alice Williams that the prospects for the Gateway Tunnel project have improved over the last couple of days.
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GOP candidates invoke Reagan myth, forgetting he was a grand compromiser
Politics is a mix of many things, some of them contradictory – hope and despair, optimism and pessimism, ideas and ideology. And mythology, lots of mythology.
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Christie dismisses Trump support, says Fiorina was ‘rude’
Gov. Chris Christie says he isn’t worried by the theory that many Republican voters who would have have otherwise backed him for president are now giving their support Donald Trump.
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Environmental activists urge North Jersey residents to be engaged on oil train issue
Drawing a line from freight trains carrying millions of gallons of volatile Bakken crude through Bergen County towns to global climate change, environmental activists at a public forum on Sunday called for sweeping action at all levels on a range of environmental issues.
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Harrison: Christie learns where pandering gets you
When Chris Christie took the stage for the Republican presidential debate Wednesday night, there had to be a sense of having come full circle for him.
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Chris Christie: Pope Francis Was Wrong To Promote Closer U.S.-Cuban Ties
Ahead of Pope Francis’ long-awaited visit to the U.S. this week, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie argued on Sunday that the pope was “wrong” to promote the recent restoration of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba.
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Defaults, other housing woes drag N.J.’s economy down
One of the key sectors driving national growth has been the housing market. Housing starts are rising, sales are improving, and prices are increasing solidly.
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Stockton selling Showboat for less than it has spent on it
Stockton University’s $22 million sale of the former Showboat casino in Atlantic City to developer Bart Blatstein will not make the university financially whole, its president said Friday.
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