PolitickerNJ News Digest: Sept. 25

Governor Chris Christie Announces His Run For Presidency

It’s the end of the week in New Jersey, where all eyes are on the pope, and Chris Christie scored some wins in the state Senate.

Sweeney, Senate Dems Fail to Override Governor on Gun Bill
The Senate this afternoon failed to override S-2360, a requirement for mentally ill gun buyers vetoed by Governor Chris Christie that would require that those who have their records expunged in order to remove a legal determination of mental illness notify local law enforcement before purchasing or licensing a firearm.
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Can Carly Fiorina Emulate Wendell Willkie?
On August 29, 2015, The New York Times published a column by Michael Beschloss entitled “Before Trump or Fiorina, there was Wendell Willkie.” As noted by the author, the nomination of Willkie by the GOP in 1940 was the only time that a major political party had selected as its presidential candidate a former corporate chief executive without governmental experience.
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Tepper Bulldozes the Vestiges of Corzine
Hedge fund billionaire David Tepper bought and razed the home of former Gov. Jon Corzine, who during their days at Goldman Sachs passed Tepper over for promotion.
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State Senate Pays Tribute to the Late Yogi Berra
The Senate rose this afternoon for a moment of silence in honor of Yogi Berra, the Yankee great from Montclair who died this week.
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Local 825 PAC Meeting Packed With Officials and Office Seekers
A Wednesday meeting of the Local IUOE 825 PAC was attended about 100 elected officials and candidates seeking office from throughout New Jersey. The Local 825 is known for backing candidates based on their stands on the issues and, this year, the focus was on the Transportation Trust Fund.
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Weinberg Lays Blame on Christie, Port Authority at Committee Hearing
At a meeting of the Legislative Oversight Committee Thursday morning, Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg blasted the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey’s former leadership for its inaction and corruption during New Jersey’s ongoing transportation crisis and the aftermath of the Bridgegate scandal.
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Sweeney Introduces Hotel Tax, Higher Court Fees
In a bipartisan effort, Senate President Steve Sweeney announced six legislative proposals aimed at helping to improve the performance of county government while not increasing the property tax burden. The bills—which aim to find alternate sources of revenue to improve county services—include a $5 increase to court fees and a one percent tax on hotels.
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Chris Christie, Unfit to Lead
NJ Governor/presidential wannabe Chris Christie caught a break this week when erstwhile rival, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, nixed his own White House plans. As recently as last summer, both Christie and Walker were arguably co-favorites be the next republican candidate who might replace President Barack Obama.
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Christie’s call for 50% tax cut on boat sales approved by N.J. Senate
Gov. Chris Christie’s call to reduce the sales tax on all boats bought in New Jersey by 50 percent moved one step closer to becoming law Thursday — despite some opposition from critics who said the move would really help only wealthy yacht owners.
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Christie Announces Historic $700 Million Redevelopment Project in Camden
The leadership of Camden came out to hear the announcement. Mayor Dana Redd said it’s another step on the way to Camden’s becoming a world class city.
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N.J. Supreme Court expands police authority for warrantless car searches
The state Supreme Court on Thursday overturned its own 2009 decision on warrantless car searches, broadening police authority to search vehicles based on probable cause.
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Tom Moran & friends dissect Christie’s impact on N.J.
On Thursday night, we live-streamed “Chris Christie’s New Jersey: An Evening with Tom Moran & Friends” in front of an audience from the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy forum at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.
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Trump, Fox News chairman Ailes to meet to discuss rift
Is another truce between Donald Trump and Fox News on the way?
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N.J. Senate approves resolution backing Hudson rail project
A plan put forth by Governor Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to build a new rail tunnel under the Hudson River has the backing of New Jersey’s Senate.
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Hope for Camden? Or just another pipe dream?
City Within a City.
Project Arizona.
Those are just a few of the Camden redevelopment schemes that failed over the last 50 years in this tough old town, where empty promises are almost as common as empty lots.
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PolitickerNJ News Digest: Sept. 25