Sweeney, Senate Dems Fail to Override Governor on Gun Bill

Senate President Sweeney
Senate President Sweeney

TRENTON – The Senate this afternoon failed to override S-2360, a requirement for mentally ill gun buyers vetoed by Governor Chris Christie that would require that those who have their records expunged in order to remove a legal determination of mental illness notify local law enforcement before purchasing or licensing a firearm.

Running for president in a Republican Primary, Christie called the bill part of a “patchwork” approach to the problem when he exercised his veto power.

S-2360 failed to land the required 27 votes for an override as the bill mustered a 25-10 majority.

“Unfortunately we dont have the votes but I am committed to you now we are coming back,” said Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3).

Along with senators Fred Madden and Joe Vitale, Sweeney argued vociferously for the bill in the lead up to today’s vote.

“The governor’s running for president and he’s taking a stand but we’re here,” said Sweeney. “We’re here in New Jersey. There’s no explaining this one. The courts asked us to give us assistance. They were so concerned about putting the guns in the hands of those with mental issues, the courts came to us. This was an easy vote for anyone in this house. We’re calling on our colleagues.”

Of the senate’s Republican members, only senators Jennifer Beck and Christopher Connors joined the Democrats in voting in favor of the override. Sweeney, Senate Dems Fail to Override Governor on Gun Bill