To Do This Weekend: Take in the Arts in Westhampton

A weekly round-up of the city's best cultural offerings.

PHOTO CREDIT: Adam Solomon/Flickr
The Westhampton Beach Festival of the Arts takes place this Sunday. (Photo: Adam Solomon/Flickr)

SATURDAY September 5

It’s Labor Day weekend. You can party like it’s Labor Day weekend. Celebrate your last chance to break out your white sundress or… do you have a white jacket? Does anyone, other than Don Johnson in the ’80s? I don’t know. You could give it a try; you could probably make it work. You can contemplate that and other questions onboard at the Shearwater Whiskey & Chocolate Tasting Sail. Experts from Urban Oysters will help educate you on different kinds of whiskey. You’ll get a chance to try brands even novices have heard of, like Maker’s Mark, as well as artisanal small batches like Woodford Reserve. While you sip, you’ll also have a chance to savor a selection of chocolate truffles and hear stories about New York’s speakeasy past. Not up for drinking straight whiskey? Don’t worry—cocktails like mint juleps and Gentleman Johnsons (made with sweet tea) will also be available. And if you happen to spill on your white attire, well, you’ve got until next year to get it cleaned. North Cove Yacht Harbor, North End Avenue and Vesey Street, 4:45 p.m.-6:15 p.m., $95

SUNDAY September 6

When it’s February, you’re going to want a picture of those summer nights. You can stare at it in the bathtub, while cranking the heat way up in your apartment, and pretend you’re back in the Hamptons. It sounds pretty awful. I guess February is going to be really hard for you, huh? Well, don’t think about that now. Instead, enjoy the Westhampton Beach Festival of the Arts. At the festival, you’ll find works from some of Long Island’s best painters, artisans, jewelers, photographers and sculptors, as well as some international artists. Many pieces are also available for commission, so if you’ve got something special in mind—like a beachside portrait—there will doubtless be someone on hand who can create that for you. The event goes throughout the weekend, so you’ll have two days to check it out while absorbing the last summer sunrays. Great Lawn across from St. Mark’s Church, Potunk Lane and Main Street, 11 a.m.-6 p.m., free

To Do This Weekend: Take in the Arts in Westhampton