We Solved the Biggest Mystery on ‘Mr. Robot’

Mr Robot finale
It’s all been blown wide open. (Photo by: Sarah Shatz/USA Network)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — Mr. Robot is a confusing show. In a good way, though! It’s mind-bend, reality-altering and usually reaches Tyler Durden on the “who the hell is real?” scale every episode. Going into tonight’s finale, the narrative has twisted and turned into so many interconnecting plots and possible outcomes it’s tough to even wrap your head around them all.

Did FSociety’s hack on Evil Corp work? Wait, is FSociety even real? Or did Elliott imagine it, like he imagined Mr. Robot? Or did he imagine Mr. Robot? If not, why does Mr. Robot look exactly like Elliot’s long-dead father? Is Elliot’s father really long-dead? Is it even possible to recover from trying to kiss your sister who you forgot was your sister multiple times?

Yes, there are many questions to be answered. But one mystery looms larger than the rest, and stands as the one dangling thread that Mr. Robot not only needs to wrap up, but must do so in an almost impossibly satisfying way. Reddit user CelticTalk first pointed it out, and it’s been bouncing around my mind for weeks.


Do you see it? Look closer. Zoom. And enhance.

donuts 2

Who…keeps eating…all…the doughnuts? Who, indeed.

Now, this plot point would mean nothing if the question was “Who keeps eating some of the doughnuts?” That’s reasonable. That’s just typical office culture. But all of them? Maybe once. But this person keeps eating all the doughnuts. Multiple times someone at Allsafe brought in doughnuts for the office, and someone ate ALL of them.

Let’s do a run down of each major character, in an attempt to figure this thing out:

Elliott — According to Drugs.com, a side effect of morphine use is a loss of appetite. Elliott, a serial morphine addict, would never have the appetite to eat all the doughnuts. I doubt he could even eat one. Look at the guy. All skin and bones and hacking skills. However…

Mr. Robot — Mr. Robot is a figment of Elliot’s drug-and-anxiety-riddled imagination. Figments of people’s drug-and-anxiety-riddled imaginations rarely, if ever, are able to even hold doughnuts much less eat them.

Gideon Goddard — This would probably be the biggest plot twist in the show’s run so far, as the “Who keeps eating all the doughnuts?” email was sent from Gideon’s account. Accusing your employees to throw off all suspicion from yourself? Possible, but Gideon seems good-hearted in nature and incapable of such deviousness.

Darlene —  Doubt it. It’s hard to keep so much food down when you’re constantly thinking about that one time you told your brother you loved him, and then he tried to make out with you.

Tyrell — Tyrell, always searching for more power, does seem like the type to covet every single doughnut. But his wife, luckily, reigns him in. She advises him to be calculating, where Tyrell would otherwise be straightforward like a battering ram. “Kun tage en wienerbrød, mand,” she probably told him. Look it up.

Angela — It’s mighty hard to eat an entire case of doughnuts and then go for a jog, even when that jog ends in metaphorical forks in the road.

Whiterose — Nope. Doesn’t have THE TIME to eat all the doughnuts.

None of these candidates quite fit the bill, honestly. Who has the technical skill to get into the Allsafe building, the cunning to keep it a secret, the moral compass that allows this crime, and most importantly, the need to eat all of the doughnuts.



Who is that shadowy, mysterious figure? Romero. 

Romero has the technical know-how to get in and out of even a secure company like Allsafe without being seen. He obviously operates under the law because of his participation in FSociety. But he was always the outside of the group, the one that disagreed and didn’t play well with others. When he temporarily left FSociety, he was working on a project where he “figured out how to insert THC’s genetic code into yeast cells.” He used it to triple his earnings while growing and selling weed, and he even developed a lotion filled with THC. “The lavender doesn’t mess with the high,” he tells Mr. Robot/Elliott.

Long story short, look at all that weed! Guilty as charged. Romero had the intelligence, Romero had the skills, and judging by that picture up there, Romero definitely wanted to eat all the doughnuts. Mystery, solved.

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We Solved the Biggest Mystery on ‘Mr. Robot’