With ‘Hunted,’ CBS Brings Us One Step Closer to Dystopian YA Future

This Thursday on CBS.

CBS gave a full order to Hunted today, a reality series adapted from a UK show of the same title, that involves top investigators on a worldwide manhunt tracking the deadliest prey of them all.

It’s people. They’ll be hunting people.

Okay, maybe “hunting” isn’t the best word (or maybe HUNTED isn’t the best title). The show isn’t going to end with anyone getting assassinated in a bathroom in Eastern Europe or anything. CBS is describing the series as “ordinary people attempting the nearly impossible task of disappearing in today’s vast digital world, as professional investigators combine state-of-the-art tracking methods with traditional tactics to narrow down the search area.” So basically, it’s like when you used to play hide-and-seek with the kids who were really good at it, but only because they were cheating.

Hunted is a compelling new alternative series format, which our Alternative department had been tracking for a while, that feels tailor-made for CBS,” President of CBS Entertainment Glenn Geller said in a release.“It combines the suspense of a crime drama with the thrill of a competition reality series and some very topical social issues.”

Honestly though, this seems interesting. I’m in. Any reality series with a premise that pushes us ever-further toward an actual YA-dystopian future (Editor’s Note: Or just The Running Man…come on, millennials!) is cool with me. I mean, I remember when the Amazing Race was a big deal, and that was just people traveling. Hunted is the Amazing Race, but with people chasing you around the globe. Next it will be robots trying to find you. Maybe they’ll be Amazon drones. Maybe they’ll look exactly like this. I don’t know. Next thing we know we’re all tuning into the Hunted lottery on CBS, which by then has merged with Netflix and used our queue history to overthrow society. God help you if your Hunted number is called. “It combines the suspense of a crime drama with the thrill of a competition reality series,” the preserved head-in-a-jar of CBS Entertainment Glenn Geller will say, right before the military kicks down your door.

Or, um, maybe Hunted will just get cancelled in a week, like the last reality series that sounded kind of different. Either way, really. With ‘Hunted,’ CBS Brings Us One Step Closer to Dystopian YA Future