35 Cent Cocktails Are Coming to NYC Happy Hour

(Photo: Filip Wolak)
(Photo: Filip Wolak)

Looking for some bargain booze?

Downtown Manhattan eatery Louie & Chan is paying homage to its 1920’s heritage and debuting “Prohibition Happy Hour.” Starting today, you can stop by for a classic cocktail that will cost you only 35 cents.

“We want it to be as real as can be. Give people, guests, patrons a real taste of how it was 100 years ago in the Lower Eastside of New York City. The music, the entertainment, the attire, the secrecy, and, of course, the prices,” owner David Wiesner, told the Observer.

This throwback happy hour will occur every Tuesday from 7 to 8 pm before Chan’s Parlor, the Italian-Asian fusion venue’s weekly evening festivities that feature live music, burlesque, and more entertainment.

“[Chan’s Parlor] is the story of New York. It’s the story of this very neighborhood. We decided to host Chan’s Parlor each week because we love that story, our story, and because we want to whisk guests away to an era and a time when things were different,” he added.

Every week, the 35 cent deal will apply to a different classic cocktail. This week, customers—who are encouraged to come in roaring 20’s garb but not obliged to—can enjoy a inexpensive gin fizz courtesy of Bulldog gin.

Drink up! 35 Cent Cocktails Are Coming to NYC Happy Hour