Assembly Speaker Prieto Denounces Bramnick for Stance on Cappola


Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) issued a statement Thursday speaking out against Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21), who said during a press conference Wednesday that he would not be taking further steps to remove Assembly candidate Anthony Cappola from the ballot in the 38th district.

“Just like I can’t overrule the voters in terms of what they’re gonna say, if the voters determine that that’s the person in the caucus, that’s what the law is,” said Bramnick at the time.

“I am stunned that Minority Leader Bramnick would even consider allowing Anthony Cappola to sit in the Assembly Republican Caucus. I have faith in the voters, so I seriously doubt Cappola will win, but it is truly disturbing and insulting that Assemblyman Bramnick would leave the door open for Cappola to sit amongst his caucus representing the diverse communities that make up our state,” said Prieto in an emailed statement.

“Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. The Republican Party these days seems built on race-baiting, chauvinism and name calling, and someone like Anthony Cappola seems to fit right in. Republicans need to take an unqualified stand against this deplorable behavior, not look the other way.”

The Bergen County Republicans told Cappola to step down after an anti-semitic, anti-gay and otherwise inflammatory book from the candidate surfaced last month. The committee had hoped to replace Cappola by adding Fernando Alonso to the ticket alongside Mike DiPisa, but fell short of funds to do so.

“That could have gone to the Appellate Division, that could have been a $200,000 expenditure,” said Bramnick. “I had to make the determination that it wasn’t financially feasible for me.”


  Assembly Speaker Prieto Denounces Bramnick for Stance on Cappola