Bramnick Unmoved by Sweeney-Led Economic Development Plan

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Bramnick at a press conference last month

Following Senate President Steve Sweeney’s (D-3) press conference Monday calling for an ambitious new roster of Democratic economic development measures, Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) issued a statement criticizing the Democrats’ ‘New Jersey: Investing In You’ plan.

“The senate president has announced the agenda of the legislature. The plan is to raise taxes,” said Bramnick. “Therefore the election on November 3rd of the Assembly is a clear choice. It is a referendum on taxes. Voting for Trenton Democrats is a vote for higher taxes and a vote for Assembly Republicans is a vote for lower taxes.”

The statement reiterates Bramnick’s longtime anti-tax stance, which has been the focus of several previous press conferences where the Republican leader voiced his disapproval for the New Jersey Education Association’s support for Democrats in this year’s elections and called for extensive cuts to teachers’ pensions.

Sweeney’s policy plan is an avowed provocation against Governor Christie and what the senator described as his “disinvestment” in the state.

“It doesn’t work when you can’t look each other in the eye,” Sweeney said Monday. “Each day that goes by is another day closer to money running out in the [Transportation Trust Fund] TTF.”

Bramnick Unmoved by Sweeney-Led Economic Development Plan