Cappola Issues Letter to Secretary of State, ‘Confirms Intention’ to Run for Office

Anthony Cappola.
Anthony Cappola.

Embattled LD38 assembly candidate Anthony Cappola has issued a letter to the Secretary of State in order to ensure that any votes cast for him on November 3 will be counted.

The letter comes after he withdrew his candidacy at the request of Republican organizations in the state. The initial withdrawal came after a “satirical” book he wrote that included hateful language against Jews, homosexuals, the elderly and more surfaced. The prohibitive cost of changing the ballot left Republicans unable to remove Cappola as a candidate.

The letter, which is dated October 24, reads:

“Dear Office of the Secretary of State,

I am writing to formally rescind my withdrawal as a Republican candidate for N.J. Assembly for the 38th Legislative District and to confirm my intention to run for this office. My previous withdrawal was made pending a replacement candidate but the Republican Party has not formally replaced me or removed me from the ballot. Please confirm immediately that all votes cast for me will be counted.

Sincerely ,

Anthony Cappola

Cc: Bergen County clerk
Superintendent of elections”

According to Cappola, the letter “has gone out to the proper authorities.”

Cappola will be bracketed on the ballot with Mark DiPisa. Since the incident with Cappola’s book, DiPisa has refused to acknowledge Cappola as a legitimate running mate. The two are facing incumbent democrats Joe Lagana and Tim Eustace. Cappola Issues Letter to Secretary of State, ‘Confirms Intention’ to Run for Office