Eustace and Lagana Will Attend Tonight’s LD38 Forum

TimEustace1Despite a plea from Republican assembly candidate Mark DiPisa to boycott tonight’s LD38 assembly panel in Paramus, incumbent Assemblymen Joe Lagana and Tim Eustace will both be in attendance, according to a statement from their campaign.

“We will be participating in [the] League of Women Voters of New Jersey debate for the 38th Legislative District. We hold the League in tremendous regard, and to drop out would be disrespectful to them and a disservice to the ‪‎voters who deserve a substantive dialogue on the issues facing ‪‎our community and our ‪‎state. We are ‪‎disappointed that Mr. DiPisa will not attend, and strongly disagree with his decision. Ignorant speech and beliefs should be met not with silence, but met head-on,” the statement said.

On Tuesday, DiPisa released a statement saying that he would not participate in a debate where Cappola was invited. After a controversial book surfaced, Cappola dropped out of the race. However, when Republicans discovered the prohibitive cost of removing his name from the ballot, he decided to continue to pursue his candidacy.

“We are planning on representing our constituents and standing behind our record,” Eustace told PolitickerNJ. “DiPisa is a strong man and it is his decision. Whether or not I agree with it is irrelevant.”

Tonight’s debate will be at 7:30 at Paramus High School.

Eustace and Lagana Will Attend Tonight’s LD38 Forum