Everyone Is Furiously Losing Their Sh*t Over a New ‘Yelp for People’ App

(Photo: Facebook)

(Photo: Facebook)

When we rate restaurants, apps and customer service, we do so hoping some positive changes will come out of our honest feedback. Is the same expected when you rate people? NO!!! Because we obviously shouldn’t be rating people!

A new app called Peeple, being touted as “Yelp for people,” is hoping to encourage people to do just that. The app is set to launch in November and will provide a platform for users to assign reviews and ratings of one to five stars to anyone and everyone they know, including exes, co-workers, neighbors, etc. And the worst part—you can’t opt out. Once someone puts your name in the Peeple system, it’s there to stay, and you can’t delete bad reviews, because that would defeat the whole purpose.

“People do so much research when they buy a car or make those kinds of decisions. Why not do the same kind of research on other aspects of your life?” Julia Cordray, one of the app’s founders, said, according to Independent. She was also quoted saying she wants to use this to “spread love and positivity” and, “that’s feedback for you. You can really use it to your advantage.”

Apparently, Ms. Cordray and her co-founder Nicole McCullough have never heard of cyberbullying. Thankfully though, the rest of the general public sees how terrible of an idea this is. #Peeple has been trending on Twitter all morning, and, according to Twitter data, the vast majority of the sentiments have been explicitly negative.

Here are just a few of the thousands of tweets expressing outrage over Peeple:

They’re comparing it to the infamous Burn Book in Mean Girls.

People are especially concerned about how this will affect marginalized communities:

Many have taken to the Peeple Facbeook page to express their concerns, but the founders aren’t having it. Some who voiced their opinions claim they were banned. Ms. Cordray’s recent status supports this notion.

On Facbeook, the creators are cherry picking positive comments they received about the app and posting them to paint a more positive image of the app. In defense, they also posted:

“People are genuinely good even though Yelp has over 47 million reviews and all the users are anonymous and in that 47 million reviews there are 79% positive reviews. (We are not anonymous as users of the Peeple app which should make our positivity even higher than Yelp)”

Clearly, they don’t get it.

Everyone Is Furiously Losing Their Sh*t Over a New ‘Yelp for People’ App