Former Treasurer for PBA Sentenced for Embezzlement

Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman announced that the former treasurer for the Hudson County Department of Corrections Police Benevolent Association (PBA) Local 109A was sentenced to jail today for stealing nearly $75,000 in union funds.

Noel Conyers, 49, of Maplewood was sentenced today to 364 days in the county jail and three years of probation by Superior Court Judge Robert Mega in Hudson County.  He was immediately taken into custody to begin his jail term.  Conyers must pay restitution in the amount of $74,887 and is permanently barred from public office or employment.  He pleaded guilty on July 29 to third-degree theft by unlawful taking.

Deputy Attorney General Jane Khodarkovsky prosecuted Conyers and handled the sentencing for the Division of Criminal Justice Corruption Bureau.

In pleading guilty, Conyers admitted that from approximately August 2008 through June 2013, he misused and misappropriated union funds entrusted to him as treasurer of PBA Local 109A.  The thefts came to light in June 2013 when a new president of the local was elected.  The new president discovered what appeared to be improper expenditures when he examined union bank account statements.  He referred the matter to the Division of Criminal Justice.

The state’s investigation revealed that Conyers made numerous improper payments and withdrawals from union bank accounts using checks and debit cards.  The improper expenditures included clothing purchases, dining expenses, liquor purchases, payments for Direct TV, payments for golf equipment and fees in South Carolina, and even college tuition payments.

Deputy Attorney General Khodarkovsky, Detective Scott Donlan and Analyst Kathy Ratliff conducted the investigation for the Division of Criminal Justice Corruption Bureau, under the supervision of Deputy Attorney General Anthony Picione, Bureau Chief. Former Treasurer for PBA Sentenced for Embezzlement