Giuliani to Robocall for Eastern Queens Republican Underdog

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (Photo: Saul Loeb for AFP/Getty Images)
Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (Photo: Saul Loeb for AFP/Getty Images) Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Residents of an eastern Queens Council district will soon be getting a ring from a familiar voice—former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who will be sending his prerecorded endorsement of Republican candidate Joseph Concannon out over the telephone lines.

Mr. Concannon is fighting a tough uphill battle against Democrat Barry Grodenchik for the historically blue seat, but Mr. Giuliani said he believed the former police captain stood a good chance in the moderate, middle class turf that sits along the Nassau County border. Mr. Concannon worked as deputy director of public safety during Mr. Giuliani’s administration, which the former mayor cited as excellent experience for handling quality-of-life issues.

“I wholeheartedly endorse Joe for City Council because I know, from personal experience, that Joe is hard-working, honest, capable, and trustworthy and will make an excellent councilman. He loves Queens and he wants to make New York City a better place to live,” Mr. Giuliani said in a statement. “Joe has an excellent shot at victory; so on Tuesday, November 3, please get out and bring home a win for Queens.”

The Concannon campaign told the Observer the robocall message will largely echo the former mayor’s endorsement. The candidate argued that the constituents of the district have fond memories of Mr. Giuliani, and predicted that the endorsement would provide the margin of victory in the election next week.

“It is an absolute honor to have America’s Mayor supporting my candidacy for New York City Council. Teachers, Sanitation workers, mom and pop business and people from all walks of life remember the hard work our mayor put in to make New York City great again,” he said in a statement. “I feel this endorsement is the momentum we need to push us over the top.”

Mr. Concannon has largely campaigned on a platform of opposing the liberal current Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is unpopular in the district. Mr. Grodenchik, however, is a product of the centrist Queens County Democratic establishment.

The seat became vacant in June, when former Councilman Mark Weprin stepped down to take a job under Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Giuliani to Robocall for Eastern Queens Republican Underdog