‘Heroes Reborn’ 1×5 Recap: Mommy Issues

Parents Just Don't Understand that Kids Just Don't Understand

HEROES REBORN, "The Lion's Den." Cle Bennett as Harris Prime -- (Photo: John Medland/NBC)
The fifth episode, “The Lion’s Den.” featuring Cle Bennett as Harris Prime, sporting Heroes Reborn‘s evil Google Glass. (Photo: John Medland/NBC)

It’s hard to be a mommy when the weight of the whole world is on your shoulders. The kids never have enough love in their hearts to recognize that you have to keep some secrets from them when you are saving the entire planet.

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It’s like, “Mom, I need to go get a prom dress! The dance is next week!” And mom’s like, “Ask your father, honey. This giant solar flare thing is going to engulf the planet and kill 98 percent of all life.” And the kid’s like, “You’ve locked dad away in an undisclosed location, and all you ever care about is 98 percent of all life on Earth. When are you ever going to have time for me, mom? I hate you!”

Why can’t family life ever be as easy as they make it look in anti-depressant medication commercials?

This latest episode of Heroes, “The Lion’s Den” took forever for anything to really happen, but the parts that stood out from it were all about moms. One mom, Rya Kihlstedt’s Erica Kravid, finds herself alienating her daughter because she won’t explain why it is that she has dozens of evos chained into these weird chairs in the basement of the giant Google-like corporation that she runs.

Paul Pope, the consulting artist on Heroes Reborn that gave the superheroes edge

Sometimes kids just don’t have enough experience to be ready for the real story, you know?

In fact, we didn’t see the real story coming either. At the very end of the show we learn that some kind of insane astronomical event is going to kill almost everything on the planet, and that’s what Renautas has been preparing for.

On the flip side, Robbie Kay’s Tommy (or is it “Nathan”?) learns in this episode that he’s adopted, that his mom isn’t his mother. And boy does it flip him out. Somebody else from the previous Heroes show had issues with his mom, too. Now who was that? I can’t remember.

She had her reasons, though. Tommy has to save the world!

Wait, Erica was going to save the world, wasn’t she?

We’re confused.


Smackdowns happen. (Photo: John Medland/NBC)
Smackdowns happen. (Photo: John Medland/NBC)

OK, the first half or so of this episode is just a ton of little scenes, many of which don’t really amount to much in themselves. HRG, Taylor and Frady have a dramatic exchange inside Renautas, where security is more lax than inside The Flash’s secret lair over at the WB.

Malena’s guardian makes her sit in a barn.

Miko Otomo and her friendzone sidekick Ren realize that Renautas might be setting them up for a trap, but they are determined to get Hiro’s sword back from them anyway.

Robbie gets swabbed by a scary government scientist who then puts a tracking device into his arm.

Carlos gets back to his garage to find the priest and his nephew aren’t there but he sees signs of a struggle. 

The episode beings to move forward when HRG and Co. wander into some other windowless room and find that Renautas has a giant seed bank. Which makes it look like the company is preparing for an extinction event. Scary!

Taylor, the baby Kravid, calls her mother an “evil bitch” while she and HRG and Frady watch Renautas employees move seeds around. HRG says, “Evil bitch or not, you’re about to mend fences with her.” He has his gun out when he says it, so she doesn’t argue.

Then there’s some more emotional scenes of people doing stuff, feeling things. Zachary Levi’s Luke Collins does a lot of feeling in this episode. He has so many feels that he needs to feel! He’s just feeling them all over his old house. If you could sell feels on Ebay his character could have made mad cash after this episode. He’s all:

Luke Collins's face on Heroes episode five. (Image: Giphy)
Luke Collins’s face on Heroes episode five. (Image: Giphy)

It’s in the next scene that Robbie is getting interviewed by a cop who’s getting all Miami Vice on him. In a touching and heartfelt scene, the cop tells Tommy that he’s a big idiot for not knowing that his mom isn’t his real mother. Tommy disappears. Literally. Because he can do that.

He’s an EVO.

Nazneen Contractor’s Farah runs back to Malena to say that whoever was supposed to be helping them doesn’t seem to be showing up. That’s when a Harris shows up and seems to know that Farah has someone with her. He asks her where “the baby” is. That’s when Malena appears and does some serious Captain Planet on the Renautas goons and buys them some time.

"Save the cheerleader, save the world." Everyone on Heroes, Season One. (Image: Giphy)
“Save the cheerleader, save the world.” Everyone on Heroes, Season One. (Image: Giphy)

I don’t know why but it wasn’t until this episode that I realized that the character that looks to be the critical world saver in this show is, again, a pretty young blonde girl.


I’m all for sticking to some of the core elements of what made the first show work, but that’s a little on the nose, no?

I mean, there’s no catch phrase for it this time, but still.

The second time that Malena faces down the Renautas goons, though, she can’t best them. Why? Because of Frady’s scary sister. Don’t know who Frady’s scary sister is? You need to watch the prequel.

She was so nice once…

Malena escapes, though, but without her invisible lady guardian Farah, who gets shot. She gets away by hiding under a blanket on top of a bunch of logs on a logging truck. Why is there a blanket on top of logs? Do logs get cold? Anyway, Farah gave her some sort of envelope that will tell her what to do next. Very robust planning.

Back at Renautas, we see Erika check out another piece of technology, where giant objects are made to disappear. They disappear in a way that looks not dissimilar to when Tommy/Nathan disappears. Later in this episode Tommy/Nathan’s mom says something about where his dad is being held. Could Tommy/Nathan’s dad be the one powering Renautas’s teleportation equipment? Who knows.

We do know that Erica thinks it’s super important, though. She says, “We’ve built an entire company based on the mining of the power of Evos, but this power is by far the most important.”

Woah. Even more than dead Molly?

We miss you, Molly. (Photo: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)
We miss you, Molly. (Photo: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)

Meanwhile, Carlos is mad about the disappearance of his nephew, so he goes straight to the police station where the evil super cop works. Their police station is like space age, by the way. Just as Carlos gets there, though, the other cops use a mobile Epic unit (evil Google Glass) to see that he’s an evo, and some drama goes down. The other cops hit him with a knock out dart and try to haul him away in a van, but Carlos isn’t having it.

He puts on his steampunk El Vengador outfit and does some wreckage on that van. He saves the bad super cop and puts him in the trunk of the Vengador-Mobile. It’s one of those moments where a characters allegiance shifts that Tim Kring loves.

By the way, we talked to the artst, Paul Pope, who gave El Vengador (and Katana Girl) their distinct looks. Check it out.

Kiki Sukezane as Miko Otomo and Toru Uchikado as Ren Shimosawa. (Photo: John Medland/NBC)
Kiki Sukezane as Miko Otomo and Toru Uchikado as Ren Shimosawa. (Photo: John Medland/NBC)

Noah Bennett finally meets Erica and we learn that he had worked for her for a little while after Renautas acquired Primatech. The Harris clones almost manages to catch Noah, Taylor and Frady but then Katana Girl shows up just long enough to get her sword back, and then she’s gone. She disappears back to Ren and he hits her with a super awkward hug that will make any young boy who likes shows like this feel epic amounts of familiar pain.

Been there, Ren. Lots of us have been there. Man-o-man.

Tommy/Nathan shows up in his mom’s hospital and confronts her about keeping secrets from him. Like I said, the kids just don’t understand how moms have to protect their kids, especially when the fate of the human race is at stake. (and it always is, in a way, isn’t it?) It’s okay that she doesn’t have energy to deal with it, lying there in a hospital bed, all beat to crap. Mr. Penny shows up to mansplain it all for him.

“You have a destiny. Humanity has one last hope for survival. And part of it rests on your shoulders,” Mr. Penny says.

Tommy/Nathan disappears.

That’s when Erica runs back to Renautas where her scientist guy shows her that some astronomical event is going to engulf the planet in flames soon, suggesting that it isn’t Renautas that’s going to kill everyone, but the company is also not telling anyone that everyone is about to die, either.

Wrap up! Parents Just Don’t Understand that Kids Just Don’t Understand

The preview for the next  episode shows Hiro Nakamura finally showing up. They waited till almost halfway through the season, which is crazy. Sadly, he looks all serious future Hiro. Don’t look for any more giddy yelling. It’s okay, Hiro: you love New York. We know.

So now it looks like this show may be about two competing strategies for saving the world from an otherworldly menace. What do both sides have in common: they like to behave obtusely. Malena is hiding under a blanket on a logging truck to who knows where with nothing but an envelope, for goodness’s sake. Who’s idea of a plan was this?

Our guess: both sides have more in common and know each other better than we might have suspected. We’ll see!

We'll leave you with your feels, Zack. (Photo: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)
We’ll leave you with your feels, Zack. (Photo: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)

‘Heroes Reborn’ 1×5 Recap: Mommy Issues