‘How to Get Away with Murder’ 2×4 Recap: ‘Skanks Get Shanked’

How to Get Away With Murrrrrrrder. (ABC)

How to Get Away With Murrrrrrrder. (ABC)

This season is on fire. Every episode is more suspenseful and compelling than the last. Luckily these people are great actors, because these twisty-turny scripts in the hands of lesser thespians would be pretty unbelievable. With these actors, youre too busy listening to your heart pound to notice how fast the plot points are flying by.

We beginat the end. With the flash forward. I kind of miss the flying cheerleader. The flash forwards to Annalise being shot arent quite as suspenseful as last seasons flash backs to the night of Sams murder. Because this is television, so we know the main character (played by the very popular Emmy award winning actress) is not going to die. When the police scanner sets up that one of the victims, either Annalise or evil DA lady is going to die we know its not Annalise. And we dont really feel bad for the DA lady, because as annoying as Asher is, its hard to watch him get blackmailed into selling out his friends. At least Asher is dumb enough to actually believe the information hes giving the DA (that Annalise killed Sam) is correct. That is until Bonnie tracks his phone, finds out what hes doing, and confessesto the crime. She will literally do anything to save AnnaliseI cannot wait until we find out why. The sad part is, that she doesnt know about Trotter Lake, Ashers love for her may not stop him from turning her in.

This weeks case of the week, is ripped from the headlines. Cute white girls killing their best friends in the woods is pretty popular this year. I swear I have walked in on my mother watching the true crime version of a story like this fifteen times. My mother watches a lot of true crime. Naturally, the DA is placing all the blame on the least popular girl with the least shiny hair. Just like in real life. But if we know anything about HTGAWM, its that Annalises clients are almost always guilty. And even if they are smart enough to evade police, they are never smart enough to make it through trial without her finding out that they have lied to her. And this case is no exception, the cute white girl did it. For once Annalises brilliant cross examining strategy backfires. In addition to riling up the emotions of the witness, she also riles up her own client who stands up and threatens the witness, You are nothing! Youre just some basic bitch who better watch her back. Thats right, youre next whore. just as Annalise was about to win the case. Well, even Keating cant save you now, cute white girl.

Annalises defense of the dull haired, high school killer, makes Connor start to analyze life as a member of the K5. He starts to speculate that maybe its Annalises fault that they killed Sam because she created an environment that brainwashed them, pit them against each other, and made them worship her. Newsflash, Connor: that brainwashing environment is called graduate school.Every single law, med, and grad student on earth has lived through it without killing anyone. But it will be interesting to see if resentment against Annalise plays a role in how she ends in an ambulance in a couple of months

Meanwhile Nates wife no longer wants to undergo her cancer treatments, and has asked Annalise to assist her in committing suicide. Do you think its because Annalises makeup is extra #flawless in this episode? I mean, seriously, they they spend extra time beating her face to contrast her with Nates wife? Because that is cold. But I will need Ms. Keatings blush and lipstick shipped to my house. STAT.

Am I heartless to think that Annalise is the last person in the world who should help the guy she had an affair withs wife commit suicide? If theres anyone who cannot afford to have their fingerprints on somebodys pill bottle, it is all the people who work in that murder house. Especially Annalise. I kept thinking how awesome it would be if this sweet, sick, wife was trying to set Annalise up. Also, it would show that Nate has a type.

Speaking of which, the men in Annalises life, Nate and Wes, are investigating Rebeccas murder and proving that Annalise has terrible taste in dudes. Annalise sees Wes and Nate arguing after Nate admits that he gave Levi (the guy hes kind of pretty sure is Rebeccas brother, whos now dating Micheala) the information that led to the site where Rebeccas body may be buried. These kids are going to make horrible lawyers some day. Assuming they all live that long. Honestly Rebecca was boring, Levi is boring, just find the body already so we can move on to spilling all the secrets.

Annalise tasks Micheala with showing her boobsto their client to find out if out if the sexy siblings who may or may not have killed their parents were sleeping together. And sentences like that are why we love this show. The information that Micheala was about to get with her boobs: Sexy Sister is a virgin. Im putting that in air quotes because here is no way a woman makes it to her twenties with a hymen. As Micheala so hilarious pointed out, horses, (and also bicycles, vibrators, and sexy brothers) tend to take care of that much earlier than life. I bet that she paid off the doctor, and that information will come out at the worst possible time in the case.

Speaking of Micheala, I held my breath, during that whole scene between she and killer brother. As well as when the camera panned his body under the sweet glow of the vending machine light. Its so nice to see what Micheala can do when she isnt crying over her gay fiancé’s ring. I cannot wait to hear more of her Bayou adoption back story. Also, sexy brother being back at her apartment the night of the shootingis he the new Rebecca?

Importantinformation and questions from this episode:

Bonnie is saved as Bonbon in Ashers phone.  Awwwwmaybe he wont turn her in for the murder she confessed to!

Learning to use your boobs is an important part of being a lady lawyer.

OMG, is this the first time the team Connor has had morals about a case.

Distracted, unprepared Annalise is making me think of Christina Gutierrez from Serialwhich may be the nerdiest sentence Ive ever typed.

Annalise revealed that she still has Conners car, meaning shes not just counting on loyalty to keep the group together she has EVIDENCE. Yes, thats the Annalise we know and fear!

Seriously, she grew up riding horsesHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Did Annalise give the pills to Nate? Because otherwise, that is a very weird way to hold someones hand.

Aw, Annalise is a good person. Im so glad they let her have this redeeming moment with Nates wife, Nia. We needed to see Annalise do something good.

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ 2×4 Recap: ‘Skanks Get Shanked’