Heroes Reborn 1×7 Recap: ‘Too Much Faith in Analytics. Not Enough in People.’

Everthing always was (always will and always has been) going according to Noah Bennett's plan. He didn't know it, because that was in the plan.

Hiro Nakamura vs. a Harris clone. (Photo: Sophie Giraud/NBC)
Hiro Nakamura vs. a Harris clone. (Photo: Sophie Giraud/NBC)

Mr. Penny’s name is ‘Caspar.’

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Who would have thought that an ample old would ever inspire so much curiosity? He has a goateethe Camaro Z/28 of facial hairand the most cumbersome superpower in the history of superpowers.

‘Hey, I’m going to make you do my bidding/forget something/enjoy frappuccinos but first I need to set down this briefcase full of pennies down, open it and pick one out. Then, I need to hand it to you and you need to take it, despite the incredible weirdness of this gesture.’


But then he’s about to do just that and Noah Bennett calls him “Caspar” and we are all like: Holy moley! His name is Caspar!

As if I just found out who my dad was, even though Caspar’s some weird guy with pennies on a TV show.

Some weird guy with pennies who was there on June 13th, met up with Noah Bennett at the behest of the CEO of Renautas, Erica Kravid, only to betray her and set him free. Why does he set HRG free? Because, he tells him, “I never trusted her. Too much faith in analytics. Not enough in humanity.”

Like we said, this show is about Google.

HEROES REBORN -- "June 13th - Part One" Episode 107 -- Pictured: Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohinder Suresh -- (Photo by: Sophie Giraud/NBC)
We can’t remember what the superpower of Sendhil Ramamurthy’s Mohinder Suresh is, but judging by this episode it’s overacting. (Photo: Sophie Giraud/NBC)


This entire episode, ‘Back to June 13th,’ takes place on June 13. Any guesses why that day is so important? We have no clue. Here’s the June 13 Wikipedia page. Hit us up if you have ideas.

It opens with Hiro and HRG walking into the Odessa summit, with Noah ready to find a way to make everything right and Hiro fretting about the butterflies. That is, the larger an action is the more it will change the future.

Whatever they do, though, they are going to stop several hundred people from dying and the world from experiencing a terrorist event. So it isn’t possible for them to avoid a pretty serious butterfly effect. It’s not really clear why Hiro is worried about subtleties.

If you’re a fan of Noah Bennett (and how can you not be) then this is the episode for you. It’s a double Noah Bennett episode. Past Noah Bennett (in light gray) and time traveler Noah Bennett (in dark blue).

As soon as Time Traveler Noah Bennett (TTHRG, henceforth) and Hiro decide to defuse all the bombs, Light Grey Noah Bennett (LGHRG) rolls up in a car, alone.

Both of them talk to the same functionary (who died in the first episode of the show), who tells each of them that Claire is there in Odessa.

TTHRG goes looking for her. LGHRG goes to look after security. Apparently he’s been working for Renautas.

Then, Mohinder is standing at a crossroads somewhere in the middle of nowhere, waiting for Angela Petrelli (very Robert Johnson, but is he about to do the deal or has he already done it?). Apparently Mohinder walked there (which is totally normal in Texas) because he doesn’t have a car in sight. When he walks away, huffily, at the end, he also doesn’t get into a car. In June. Before a giant speech.

If only everyone where as serious about curbing fossil fuels as Mohinder.

You may remember Mohinder’s as the soothing, reasonable sounding voice that carried you through each episode of Heroes as its narrators, offering broad philosophical thoughts about life’s inevitabilities. He is that, but in this, his first on camera appearance in the show’s revival, he’s an actor who has been too long away from a camera.

Sendhil Ramamurthy wants you to remember him as he offers a series of completely irrational objections to various precognitions that Angela Petrelli, who seems to have no reason to be lying to him, is telling him about (that said, Mrs. Petrelli was always the slipperiest person on the old show, but with all her sons out of the picture now she doesn’t really have any reason to be).

Yes, she can totally do that kind of thing. This is not surprising in the world of Heroes.

Also, somehow, Mohinder, always a geneticist/biologist, is now an expert on solar flares, studying them in the Arctic, because that’s how science works on TV these days. (have you seen Marve’s Agents of SHIELD?)

Following Mohinder’s huffy departure, we see Erica Kravid arrive at her secret evil lair Texas suburbs, where she persuades Phoebe to generate a load of darkness lest her brother be killed (the same brother she killed as soon as she saw him last episode)(which was in the future)(that’s how this show works)(shrug).

We will later see that her darkness suppresses powers.

Phoebe gets her darkness on at that and then Tim Kring shows us some garbage about Zachary Levi’s lame kid and happy wife who cares okay let’s talk about Hiro.

Past Hiro wants to see Mr. Otomo’s new video game, who pulls out his laptop all serious and Mr. Miyagi about everything and tries to tell Hiro that his new game can save the world. Only, he needs Hiro to make it work. Hiro’s like, “WTF?” which is pretty fair because Mr. Otomo hasn’t really explained himself. So Mr. Otomo (Katana Girl’s dad) says, ‘Screw it,’ puts his hand on Hiro’s shoulder and shoves him into the game.

The guy’s evo powers are totally about video games.

If that sounds stupid, keep in mind that there was a character in the old show who showed up in one scene with the power to control the Internet (she is not doing a good job).

For some reason in the next scene Erica Kravid decides to lock LGHRG up, even though he had apparently run all of her security up to then. That’s not nearly as strange as what happens next, though, when TTHRG shows up at the hospital and the staff tells him his daughter is dead.

And he buys it.

In the very first recap we did on this mini-series we called bullshit on the idea that Claire is dead. She could be, though it seems ridiculous, given all she went through on the old show. We get it. Hayden Panettiere doesn’t want to come back. It’s fine, but that doesn’t mean it’s believable that Claire Bennett is dead in this universe, even if we never see her.

Just in case some of you reading this haven’t binge watched the old episodes or forgot, let’s revisit one of Sylar’s best scenes with her:

Got that? Cool.

Things change, of course, and maybe the fact that she had babies flipped some crazy evo switch. Who knows! What would make sense, though, would be that when TTHRG goes and looks at his daughter in the morgue that he would at least actually look at her face and probably check that weird spot on the back of her head that used to keep her from healing.

He doesn’t.

What he does do is listen to Hiro when he pops up and says they can’t change the past. That all the new futures are worse.

So they find Angela Petrelli and they meet Claire’s two babies (because she died having babies)(what we’re saying is there were babies). It turns out that the babies are Malina (Captain Planet) and Nathan/Tommy (Sylar). In that moment, it becomes clear what TTHRG needs to do to keep the babies who will save the world from Erica Kravid: take them back in time.

Erica will look for newborns but they will be 15 years old (or something).

So Hiro does it, and Angela Petrelli goes with them to look after them. She has a great track record as a mommy, after all.

Once they are gone, Eric Kravid comes back to the hospital and asks one of her Harris’s if he’s seen any sign of Claire Bennett.

The episode ends with LGHRG chasing TTHRG chasing Erica Kravid.

OK you guys it's been funny but come back. (GIF: Giphy)
OK you guys it’s been funny but come back, seriously. (GIF: Giphy)

We are officially halfway through the mini-series.

Look for next episode to illustrate what “the plan” Mr. Penny and the invisible lady and Nathan/Tommy’s surrogate mom have been on about. It was HRG’s plan, all along, of course, as it had to be. As everything is. Whatever you are doing right now? HRG planned that. Don’t fight it.

In subsequent episodes, look for the inevitable Tim Kring turn of certain characters or new perspectives on characters to take place. We’re looking at Harris to turn against Erica, Nathan/Tommy to turn against his girlfriend, HRG to look more selfish than he appears, Luke Collins to turn reluctant hero, Carlos Gutierrez to turn unexpectedly selfish and Erica Kravid herself to turn out a bit less evil and a bit more woman-with-legitimate-reasons-to-believe-the-world-is-on-her-shoulders than we have seen so far.

All of this will lend itself to barreling toward a startling conclusion where we learn to trust in each other and not these awful machines.

Heroes Reborn 1×7 Recap: ‘Too Much Faith in Analytics. Not Enough in People.’