Norcross Challenger Alex Law on Sanders, Clinton and Tonight’s DNC Debate

24-year-old Law said his support for Hillary waned when Sanders introduced campaign finance reform to his platform.


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The Democratic frontrunners will confront each other directly for the first time during tonight’s DNC National Debate, and U.S. congressional hopeful Alex Law is eager to see how Sanders’ message will play before a national audience in a setting where Clinton and the outspoken independent will be reacting to each other’s positions on the spot.

Law has been mounting a challenge to Congressman Donald Norcross in New Jersey’s first congressional district for 2016, and has made his support for Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) bid in the presidential primaries a staple of his campaign’s early days.

Before Tuesday’s broadcast, 24-year-old Law said his support for Hillary waned when Sanders introduced campaign finance reform to his platform  and that he wouldn’t count on a Biden ’16 campaign.

What do you expect voters will see tonight?

As the only Democrat running for office in New Jersey who has endorsed Bernie Sanders, I’m excited to see him and Hillary on the same stage. I wish there was more debates, just like in my home race. I’m hoping we’ll have at least a few debates, because I think that’s good for voters.

But I am excited to see Bernie have an opportunity to talk to a national audience about his message about inequality, about progressive politics, and really take that message that’s been resonating with huge crowds of tens of thousands across the country to the national stage.

How deep is your loyalty to Sanders? Would you be tempted to stray if Joe Biden entered the field?

My favorite book on politics is a book called ‘What It Takes’ by Ben Cramer. He was one of the politicians highlighted in that for his 1988 presidential run, and I’ve been a big fan ever since. But if Joe Biden enters the race, I would be excited about his candidacy.

Right now I’m supporting Bernie, but you know the biggest thing for me right, because before Bernie announced his candidacy I was a Hilllary person, and I was excited about her campaign, but the thing that really drove me to Bernie is his stance on campaign finance reform.

Unlike the other candidates, who might talk a lot about campaign finance reform but then still use super PACs and loopholes to raise as much money as they can, Bernie has been truthful and earnest in talking about campaign finance reform and then actually living by his word.

Would South Jersey welcome Biden as much as it has Sanders?

I believe he’s just as genuine as Bernie. He has an incredible amount of experience. We’re lucky this year, on the Democratic side, to have arguably one of the most experienced fields of candidates we’ve ever seen. And I welcome his entry to the race, I hope he does decide to run if he would like to.

Will he?

My sense is he won’t, because right now he has a distinguished career as a senator, and has been one of the most active and productive vice presidents in history, and he has sort of an opportunity to sort of retire on top.

Many experts say that Clinton’s support in New Jersey is due in large part to name-brand recognition among communities of color. Can Sanders compete?

If you look at his record toward helping inequality, toward helping expand opportunities in urban areas, I think when he brings that message to Jersey it’s going to resonate well with all communities. And when we get to New Jersey, if he’s still in this race and still competitive in this race, I think that message is going to have already carried to a lot of those communities. I think he’ll do very well if he does make it to New Jersey.

Norcross Challenger Alex Law on Sanders, Clinton and Tonight’s DNC Debate