People Decide They Really Don’t Need Peeple

A forthcoming app, if it turns out to be real, would allow users to rate people they've met as if they were businesses. Many aren't too keen on the idea.

Peeple co-founder Julia Cordray displaying Peeple app. (Photo: Via Facebook/Peeple)
Peeple co-founder Julia Cordray displaying Peeple app. (Photo: Via Facebook/Peeple)

Earlier this week, we learned about a potential new app called Peeple that sounds like the worst idea anyone has ever come up with. Basically, if it turns out to be real, it would allow users to review people they meet as if they were businesses on Yelp. Sound like a recipe for disaster? The internet, by and large, agrees. The idea is so toxic to so many, Yelp had to put out this tweet, assuring that they had nothing to do with it.

Perhaps the biggest problem with the app is that you would be able to create a profile for someone else.

And once someone puts you on Peeple, it’s not easy to take your profile down. Though that did give at least one guy a great business idea.

Also, Peeple’s Facebook profile picture, featuring the app’s founder, is a little unsettling.

So it’s not surprising that most people have a less than charitable few of the app’s creators.

Or the “service” the app provides.

The best part about all this though? Once people started broadcasting their distaste on Peeple’s Facebook page, the founders decided that they didn’t like unsolicited reviews. Funny, huh?

(Also, crowdsourcing to figure out how to use Facebook? Not a great look for a tech company. Just saying.)

Now, there is a chance the whole thing could be a hoax. An article on Snopes points out that Peeple apparently didn’t exist until August 2015, which makes the app’s advertised release date of November 2015 seem a little unrealistic. There’s also very little detail about how the app actually works. Still, though the details about the app’s legitimacy are murky at best, there’s no real evidence that the whole thing is a hoax either. It’s entirely possible this is a real thing that human beings came up with.

It’s not even that new an idea. The idea has been done before on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,


It even predates the smartphone

And someone else has definitely thought of it before.

But hey, if it does turn out to be real, maybe it won’t be so bad. There are certainly ways to use it to your advantage. Either to make money,

Or just getting people to leave you the hell alone.

People Decide They Really Don’t Need Peeple