PolitickerNJ News Digest: Oct. 28th

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It’s Wednesday, where a pair of political appointments are making news, a disgraced candidate is still in the race and voters are unaware that an election is fast approaching. But whatever the outcome of Tuesday’s races, there will could be at least a few high-profile losers who weren’t on the ballot.

Quote of the Day: “His statements about the Black Lives Matter movement demonstrate the drastic gap in his understanding for the very real bias our nation’s communities of color face,” – U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12), on Gov. Chris Christie’s comments on the Black Lives Matter group.

Christie Taps Scudder for Treasurer
Governor Chris Christie today named Ford M. Scudder, currently the Chief Operating Officer of Laffer Associates, as New Jersey State Treasurer. A Princeton native, Scudder replaces Andrew Sidamon- Eristoff who departed from the Administration in July, the administration said in a release.
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Source: Christie in Position to Nominate Grewal for BC Prosecutor
A source close to the developing story in the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office said that Governor Chris Christie will likely nominate Gurbir Grewal—his pick from 2013—to take John Molinelli’s place as Bergen County Prosecutor. According to some in the county, however, it is too early to tell if Grewal will be the final pick.
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Watson Coleman Tears Into Christie Over ‘Black Lives Matter’ Comments
U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12) denounced Gov. Chris Christie’s Sunday remarks on CBS’ Face the Nation that Black Lives Matter has “chanted in the streets for the murder of police officers,” and should not be “justified.”
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Obama to Come to Newark on Monday
President Barack Obama will visit Newark on Monday to discuss criminal justice issues, according to a report this afternoon in NJ.com.
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Cappola Issues Letter to Secretary of State, Confirms Intention to Run
Embattled LD38 assembly candidate Anthony Cappola has issued a letter to the Secretary of State in order to ensure that any votes cast for him on November 3 will be counted.
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Clinton Fundraises in Morristown with Sellinger, North Jersey Dems
New Jersey Democrats welcomed Hillary Clinton to the home of powerful attorney Phil Sellinger for a fundraiser tonight on the same day a Monmouth University poll shows the former Secretary of State crushing Bernie Sanders in Iowa.
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Monmouth Poll: Clinton has 41 pt. Lead Over Sanders in Iowa
On the same night she’s due in to New Jersey for a fundraiser at the home of Phil Sellinger, Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton holds a commanding 41 point lead over Bernie Sanders among likely Democratic caucusgoers in Iowa, according to this morning’s Monmouth University Poll.
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Who? What? Huh?? New Jerseyans Unaware of Next Week’s Election, Eagleton Says
Forty-four years after the first press release from the Eagleton Institute of Politics’ inaugural poll reported little awareness of the then upcoming 1971 state legislative elections, New Jerseyans today remain uninformed about the Legislature, according to the latest Rutgers-Eagleton Poll. Three-quarters of Garden State residents are completely unaware that any elections will be held next week, just slightly better than the 85 percent who were ignorant in 1971, in what was then called the New Jersey Poll.
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Cherry Hill Shoppers on 2015 Elections: ‘The Last One, They Locked Him Up’
A new Rutgers poll suggests that New Jersey residents are as uninformed and uninterested as ever when it comes to state-level politics. PolitickerNJ decided to visit the Cherry Hill Mall and see whether people at one of South Jersey’s biggest commercial centers would buck the trend.
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The Boomerangs of Politics
Here’s our look at 10 people who get impacted in big ways on Tuesday.
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After the NJ Elections: An Agenda for Healthcare Consumers and Caregivers
The NJ Assembly elections are predicted to be the lowest voter turnout races in years – yet much hangs in the balance of the outcome. After the dust has settled, a number of crucial healthcare issues being addressed in the NJ Legislature remain unresolved, and New Jerseyans will still face a maze of obstacles when they look for accessible, affordable, quality health care.
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U.S. Supreme Court Decision Will Impact Workers’ Wages & Benefits
A decision before next summer in a U.S. Supreme Court case you’ve probably never heard of has the power to significantly reduce employee earnings and compensation well into the future. The wealthy special-interest organizations financing the case have spent great sums to ensure that all workers earn lower pay, receive few if any retirement benefits and see their full-time jobs replaced with part-time work.
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A Sandy monument to frustration in Trenton
In the gleaming marble plaza of War Memorial Park in Trenton, where a bronze statue of Victory leans toward the Statehouse, another memorial went up Tuesday to woefully mark the third anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.
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Christie signs bill banning unsolicited texts in N.J.
Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday signed into law a ban on unsolicited advertisements sent by text.
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Christie hints Trump is celebrity apprentice in GOP prez race
With his wife at his side at their home in Mendham, Gov. Chris Christie defended his lagging presidential campaign on “CBS This Morning” by echoing former 2016 pack leader Jeb Bush that GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s appeal rested on his celebrity, not his political or business acumen.
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Uh-oh! Now Chris Christie’s below the Lindsey Graham line in the latest poll
What’s a Guv gotta do to get a break?
Chris Christie has to be asking himself that question going into Wednesday night’s debate.
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How the Pension Issue Plays Into Next Week’s Assembly Election
“Times are tough in Atlantic City, but the special interests in Trenton would make it worse by building casinos in North Jersey. We need leaders who put South Jersey first…”
This ad for Democrats looks like it’s about casinos, but the Super PAC that produced it is really more interested in pensions.
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Columba Bush, wife of Jeb Bush, to headline Saddle River fundraiser
Columba Bush, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, will be visiting New Jersey to headline a fundraiser in Saddle River on Dec. 2, according to an email obtained by The Record.
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Ocean County’s Vicari wants taxpayers to pay his legal bills
Freeholder Joseph H. Vicari wants Ocean County taxpayers to protect him from his own defamation lawsuit, according to a letter from his lawyer obtained by the Asbury Park Press.
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Candidate questions Mercer executive’s ability to lead
Candidate Lisa Richford questioned Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes’ ability to lead the county Tuesday at a public event outside the county administration building.
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For Christie, no lift so far from higher decibel level
When he squares off in the GOP presidential debate Wednesday, the third since early August, Gov. Christie again will not be center stage. But it won’t be for lack of trying.
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Think Tank Report: Gas Tax Just One Way To Fund Infrastructure
A new report issued by a conservative think tank takes on the issue of funding infrastructure improvements in a tight economy, including whether hiking a gas tax — something up for debate right now in New Jersey — can be an acceptable option.
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