Prieto Locks Up Full Support of Dem Caucus for Another 2-Year Term as Speaker


Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) this morning announced 48 members of the Democratic caucus in support of his continued leadership team for the 2016-17 Legislature.

The members issued the following statement:

“The past two years have brought many challenges, successes and accomplishments to the General Assembly. In presiding over the General Assembly during this period, Speaker Vincent Prieto has demonstrated his leadership ability by facing each challenge with the grace, compassion and determination expected of a great leader.

“The next legislative session will bring an entirely new set of challenges and issues confronting our state. In the interest of continuing the leadership that has taken place over the last two years of new ideas, new energy and new advocacy for the principles of the Democratic Party, we hereby express our support for our leadership team in the General Assembly of Assemblyman Vincent Prieto as Speaker, Assemblyman Lou Greenwald as Majority Leader and Assemblyman Gary Schaer as Budget Chairman for the next legislative session in January 2016.”

Vincent Prieto, District 32

Angelica Jimenez, District 32

Robert Andrzejczak, District 1

Vincent Mazzeo, District 2

John Burzichelli, District 3

Adam Taliaferro, District 3

Paul Moriarty, District 4

Gabriela Mosquera, District 4

Patricia Jones, District 5

Arthur Barclay, District 5

Pamela Lampitt, District 6

Louis Greenwald, District 6

Herb Conaway, District 7

Troy Singleton, District 7

Wayne DeAngelo, District 14

Daniel Benson, District 14

Reed Gusciora, District 15

Elizabeth Maher Muoio, District 15

Joseph Egan, District 17

Joseph Danielsen, District 17

Patrick Diegnan, District 18

Nancy Pinkin, District 18

John Wisniewski, District 19

Craig Coughlin, District 19

Annette Quijano, District 20

Jamel Holley, District 20

Jerry Green, District 22

James Kennedy, District 22

John McKeon, District 27

Mila Jasey, District 27

Ralph Caputo, District 28

Cleopatra Tucker, District 28

L. Grace Spencer, District 29

Eliana Pintor Marin, District 29

Nicholas Chiaravalloti, District 31

Angela McKnight, District 31

Raj Mukherji, District 33

Annette Chaparro, District 33

Sheila Oliver, 34

Thomas Giblin, District 34

Benjie Wimberly, District 35

Shavonda Sumter, District 35

Gary Schaer, District 36

Marlene Caride, District 36

Gordon Johnson, District 37

Valerie Vainieri Huttle, District 37

Timothy Eustace, District 38

Joseph Lagana, District 38

Prieto Locks Up Full Support of Dem Caucus for Another 2-Year Term as Speaker