Down the Aisle With a Freed Slave

Other Side of Wall Street is a photography-based graphic novel that illustrates life in Dutch New Netherland from the perspective of the Black people that established a free community beyond what was then the colony limits. In these images, one of the main characters, Catalina, is sewing her wedding dress. In 1641, she and Domingo will be two of the first Black couples to marry and two years later become the first Black land owners. Over the next 20 years, 26 more former company slaves of the Dutch West India Company earned approximately 130 acres that stretched from the west side of Manhattan to Gramercy Park.

 3. Catalina-Dressmaking A2. Catalina-Domestic Back4. Catalina-Dressmaking B 9. Catalina-Wife5. Catalina-Dressmaking C 6. Catalina-Wedding Back 7. Catalina Half Wedding Flowers 8. Catalina-Plate-Smile Flowers

Kamau Ware is a Brooklyn-based photographic artist specializing in visual storytelling. Down the Aisle With a Freed Slave