Source: LD38 Case File ‘Pending’ In Judge’s Chambers

Bob_Yudin4According to an source, the LD38 case file is currently pending and is being held in the chambers of Judge Ernest Caposela.

Though PolitickerNJ reported earlier that Republicans were hoping for a hearing as early as today, the source says that the file will likely remain pending until early next week due to Caposela being out of the office, making a hearing this week improbable.

The motion was filed in the hopes of replacing Anthony Cappola—who dropped out as the Republican assembly candidate in LD38 after bigoted remarks in a self-published book surfaced—on the ballot for November 3.

The case—Passaic County Regular Republican Organization v. Kim Guadagno—was filed yesterday. The Bergen County Republican Organization co-filed with Passaic. Robert Giles, the Director of the N.J. Division of Elections, is also listed as a defendant in the case. Source: LD38 Case File ‘Pending’ In Judge’s Chambers