This Just In: Nike Will Sell the Self-Lacing Sneakers From ‘Back to the Future’

Channel your inner Marty McFly - DeLorean not included.

The first official pair of Nike Mag self-lacing sneakers has arrived, and Michael J. Fox, the man who first had the privilege of sporting them in Back to The Future, has the first pair. They were originally referenced in an undated letter from Nike designer Tinker Haven Hatfield, Jr. The hand-written note ended with. “If my calculations are correct…your pair should be with your shortly.” As expected, they were later pictured on the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s Twitter account on the actor’s own two feet (pictured above). “That’s insane,” he says in the newly posted video below. “It’s really great.”

It’s an appropriate day to announce the arrival of the futuristic footwear. October 21, 2015, is the date plugged into the DeLorean, which Mr. Fox, starring as Marty McFly, travels into the future to save his kids. Nike first hinted at the release last night, with a cryptic tweet to Mr. Fox saying simply, “See you tomorrow.”

The shoes will be put up for auction to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation, so be prepared to bid big as many did last December 2011 when the same sneakers were released in a limited run of 150 pairs to raise funds for the foundation. However, there was a catch-they didn’t have the self-lacing function. That all changes come spring 2016. In the meantime, we’ll have to make due with the movie.

The original self-lacing Nike Mags features in Back to The Future II


This Just In: Nike Will Sell the Self-Lacing Sneakers From ‘Back to the Future’