A Syrian Refugee Is Giving Back to Homeless Germans and Now His Story Is Going Viral

(Photo: Facebook)

(Photo: Facebook/Tabea Bu)

While countries around the world are working to determine how they can help Syrian refugees, one man who had to flee the country to escape ISIS is focused on helping a country.

A man named Alex, a Syrian refugee who found safety in Germany, is working to give back to his new country. He was photographed giving out warm food to the needy on a Berlin street.

His photograph was uploaded to Facebook by Tabea Bü, who has been helping Alex distribute food and took to social media to tell his story. According to his post (which we translated from German), the Islamic State wanted to Kill Alex, and he left a family behind when he came to Germany. Now, he hands out food to anyone who needs it every Saturday.

The photo—which made it to Reddit‘s front page and has been viewed on Imgur nearly three million times—depicts Alex on the street with a table, food and a sign that has his email address as well as another that reads “Give something back to German people.”

A third sign gives insight into his mission (sic):

It’s Christian Syrian German Project to help the homeless or anybody need help in Germany. Our target is to give something back to the people who helped us. We are not consumer people but we are people who lover tender. We want to be a positive part in the German community. Want to be one hand (Syrian and German citizens) to help the others and help each others.

To no surprise, Internet commenters are enamored with this story. One Imgur comment that reads “This. This is what humanity should look like” pretty much sums up the Internet’s reaction to Alex.

A Syrian Refugee Is Giving Back to Homeless Germans and Now His Story Is Going Viral