LD11’s Casagrande In Her Own Words

Those allies trying to buttonhole lame duck Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande (R-11) and nudge her into a face-off with

Casagrande backing up Rudy Giuliani with her running mates in 2007.

Casagrande backing up Rudy Giuliani with her running mates in 2007.

Monmouth County Chairman Shaun Golden next year may not get that gladiatorial contest, Casagrande told PolitickerNJ.

But that doesn’t mean someone else might not take a run at Golden, she hinted.

Having just eaten her first loss in the legislature, Casagrande was veiled in her critique of the sitting chairman, now the target by those in his own party who say he blew the GOP’s advantage on Election Day.

“I think whoever the next chairman is that person is going to have to worry about all the elections in Monmouth and not just the county races and not just his own candidates,” Casagrande said. The remark echoed those under-the-radar grumbles by Casagrande loyalists about Golden not making LD11 a priority.

PoliitickerNJ asked Casagrande if she will personally challenge Golden.

“It’s not me,” she said.

But she absolutely insisted on her desire to get back into public service as quickly as possible – “I’m not done;” – and said, “I do hope the party gets much, much, much stronger.”

In eight years Casagrande has labored under four GOP chairs: Adam Puharic, Joe Oxley, John Bennett, and Shaun Golden.

Will 2016 mark the end of Golden’s run? If she doesn’t call out the sitting chairman by name, Casagrande’s allies continue to chafe over the loss and insist on payback of some sort.


LD11’s Casagrande In Her Own Words