‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Binge-Review, Episode 4: Women With Guns

Marvel's Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones. (photo: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix) Netflix

Because the Observer’s own Brady Dale and Vinnie Mancuso were going to skip work today anyway to binge Marvel’s Jessica Jones in its entirety, they decided to review each episode as they go along. Next up, episode four: ‘AKA 99 Friends.’ 

Brady: The episode opens up with Trish Walker making an apology to Killgrave (can we call him The Purple Man yet?) live on the air. Honestly, Rachael Taylor’s portrayal of Trish Walker is one of the big surprises at this point of the show for me. If Marvel gave us any heads up that Patsy Walker herself would show up here, I completely missed it. I’m loving it, too. She’s adding a lot to the show.

Bechdel Test thoroughly passed. Super fun shout-out to longtime fans. Plus, she’s just a good character. She has a great rapport with Jones, but she has her own thing going on. Seriously, I hope we see her dawn some serious yellow and blue, but no rush on that score.

Patsy Walker is Hellcat. (Image: Write-ups.org)

Patsy Walker is Hellcat. (Image: Write-ups.org)

Anyway, Killgrave is a sucker if he bought that apology; maybe he just liked to hear the fear.

Vinnie: At first I thought the apology was a really weak way to ensure Trish was safe. It sounded like an after-school special  solution: “The villain’s true weakness is heartfelt apologies!” But the more I think about it, the more it adds sort of another layer to Killgrave that’s fascinating. How weird is this guy that all he wanted was an apology? How weird is this guy, period?

Of course, a lot of this intrigue comes from the fact Jessica Jones pulled the same move that Daredevil did with Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk. We’ve only gotten brief glimpses of Killgrave so far—majorily through flashback—and the whole “nothing is scarier than the monster you don’t see” mindset is in full effect.

Plus, I’m going to try and work “Killgrave’d” into my everyday vocabulary from now on, so thanks for that, Jessica Jones.

Brady: Killgrave is weird enough that he uses a sweet looking little kid to spit out a lot of foul language at Jessica one afternoon when he wants her to feel threatened. Actually, does that give him a bit of charm?

Vinnie: I’m loving this Invasion of the Body Snatchers vibe the character Killgrave brings to this show, the whole “it could be anyone” sort of thing. It’s like a zombie show, but way more fun.

Although as someone who walks in Manhattan every single day, a little girl walking up and calling you a bitch wouldn’t even be that out of the ordinary.

Brady: The twist in this episode turned out to be the client who hired Jones to spy on her husband. Early in the episode, she makes a very specific request for Jones to catch her husband in the act of gratuitously natural looking romance (that this show has given us a chance to see a lot of so far).

Suspicion builds that she might have hired Jones at the behest of Killgrave.

If you’ve been following Heroes Reborn, it turns out that her client is more like the Collins family on that show: she wants to kill all the people with powers.

In fact, the client has a pretty charming line, once she’s confronting Jones with a gun in her hand. She rejects the word “gifted,” saying, “It’s like calling someone special. They’re not special. They’re retarded.”

Vinnie: Haha to your assumption that anyone is watching Heroes Reborn (besides you, of course).

But this plot-line was so necessary for a bunch of reasons. One, stretching the story of Jessica searching for Killgrave, and having him send a different drone after her, over the course of the season may have stretched thin. So it’s a relief to see the writers are willing to throw in an aside that has absolutely nothing to do with Killgrave.

And second, this might be the most direct reference to the Battle of New York from The Avengers any Netflix Marvel show has attempted so far, and it works. Because while attempted murder is extreme, of course not everyone’s going to be fully grateful that The Hulk tore down their apartment building.

Brady: Speaking of other superheroes, I like that part where she’s kind of crawled up inside the space between the two buildings so she can spy on her client. That was very Spider-Man.

Later on, Wil Traval’s Will Simpson, the cop, shows up outside Trish’s door. Why? Because he wants to give her an illegal gun. Once she has it in her hands, Trish just kind of stands there aiming the gun at his image in her intercom screen. Which is almost as weird as when we see Jessica’s client practicing her shooting on mannequins inside an abandoned building.

Vinnie: To the (very loud) tune of ‘Always On’ by Death From Above 1979, for anyone out there who doesn’t own Shazam.

Brady: I guess it goes to show you how much Killgrave has managed to warp everyone’s perspective, though, because apparently Walker finds this little gift of weaponry charming.

They sit at her door, talking. We get the impression that this has been going on a while, but finally Walker relents and lets the cop who strangled her under Killgrave’s influence back into her home.

She warns him that she might shoot him, and he says it’s worth the risk. Wait, what’s worth it? Is he making time with Walker here? Was that his thought?

Like, shit, guys, I tried to kill this woman, but once I got back into my right mind I realized she was pretty hot. Think I should make a move?

And the other cops were like, Yeah dude, tell that story about the GI Joes. That thing kills.

Vinnie: As much as I’m really enjoying Trish as a character, I almost wanted Walker to blow her head off the moment she opened the door. Come on, Trish! Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice and it’s probably because I haven’t fully grasped that the main villain of this story, the one who wants me and all my loved ones dead, possesses mind control powers.

Brady: I knew the druggie strung out neighbor would prove to add something to the plot.

Vinnie: Yeah, it only took one episode for my fears about him to be soothed. Good for you, Jessica Jones. It’s almost like these people know what they’re doing. 

Poor, drugged out Malcolm. Turns out he’s not a useless character. He’s just Killgrave’d. (I did it!)

‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Binge-Review, Episode 4: Women With Guns