Open Letter to the Bergen Republicans

FernandoAlonsoOpen Letter to the Bergen County Republican Organization County Committee, elected officials, Republican leaders, and prospective Republican leaders seeking the chairmanship of the Bergen County Republican Organization

I am reaching out to everyone in the sincere hope that we can find a practical, thoughtful, and sound resolution to the extraordinary crisis facing our Republican Party in Bergen County.   I know there will be much discussion as to how we will move forward towards defining our message and winning elections in 2016. Ultimately, any conversation must proceed with one common understanding: the necessity for bold, forward-looking leadership for the Bergen County Republican Organization.

Bob Yudin is a good man who has done a great service for the BCRO as Chairman; his tenure will be remembered fondly, and will serve to develop tradition and unity within our party. I sincerely appreciate and respect Chairman Yudin for the efforts he has made to lead the BCRO over the better part of the last decade. However, the time for change has arrived. Respectfully, I call on Chairman Yudin to step down and allow new leaders to take the reins of the party at this critical moment of crisis.

Though I have no doubt that Chairman Yudin has the best intentions for the party—and has always conducted himself honorably—I believe that his decision to seek another term as BCRO Chairman is not the best decision for the future vibrancy of our party.  The BCRO cannot and should not endure a divisive convention for BCRO Chairman in June, especially when unity and action are needed with the utmost urgency. I look forward to a robust and thoughtful discussion regarding the future of our party and our county.

In particular, I hope our strategy moving forward will premise itself on an area where change is so desperately needed—inclusion. Specifically, we need to do a better job as a party of including voices and participants from every demographic of our diverse society. As a specific example, we have failed miserably in including and promoting our Young Republican leaders. In Bergen County, we are blessed to have numerous talented Young Republican leaders, including many held in statewide esteem. These young leaders have been relegated to limited electioneering roles that fail to utilize the totality of their impressive talents—that is a problem.

Our message of running government like a “business” is stale and falling on deaf ears. Benjamin Franklin is probably turning over in his grave laughing at our approach to government.   We need to change our message so that voters understand we are trying to help them by making sure there are services available for those who need it. The usual “less government” and “less taxes” should not be the only message. It clearly is not working in New Jersey. The statewide election results clearly bear that out. Working people need to know if we are supporting them when they need after school or before school services for their kids when both parents have to work long hours to support their family.   These are only a few examples of our big problem with the way we speak to the Bergen County voters.

It also must be stated that the premise that Republicans cannot succeed in Bergen County because of a failure to raise funds runs contrary to evidence—municipal results in Bergenfield, River Edge, Woodcliff Lake, and Fair Lawn, reject this assertion on its face.  Bergen County Republicans deserve no less than a Chairman who will actively address the issues affecting our county, our party, and who can adjust to the changing political climate.  The Democrats are calling plays from the same stale playbook year after year, and we are allowing them to do so with impunity. A failure to effectively respond to the strategies implemented by the Democrats is, simply put, spectator leadership. It cannot be allowed to continue.

We are in a crisis moment and I believe that ordinary people tend to do extraordinary things during extraordinary times. I am hopeful that Chairman Yudin will take the appropriate and necessary action of resigning as BCRO Chairman. In doing so, I am also eager to hear the proposals of candidates for BCRO Chairman.  I am hopeful that a candidate of consensus will be agreed upon, rallied around, and ultimately, supported by the rank-and-file members of the BCRO. To that end, action is needed—now.

In conclusion, I want to affirmatively state that I am not seeking the office of BCRO Chairman. Despite this, I intend to participate in rebuilding our shattered party. In this regard, I look forward to supporting our next Chairman in his or her efforts to regain the upper-hand in our fight for responsible and responsive government in Bergen County.


Fernando A. Alonso, Esq.

Resident of Oradell


Alonso was briefly a replacement hopeful for disgraced LD38 candidate Tony Cappola. 


Open Letter to the Bergen Republicans