PolitickerNJ News Digest: Nov. 9th

PolitickerNJ News Digest: Nov. 9th

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It’s Monday, and with the election behind us, everyone is waiting to see how Gov. Chris Christie performs in the next debate, and how being bumped from the main stage will affect his presidential efforts.

Quote of the Day: “There are a lot of people out there who disagree with what Fox did, and we’ve been getting more donations in the last week than we got in the week before because people feel like we’re getting a raw deal,” – Gov. Chris Christie, on the bright side of being relegated to the second-tier GOP debate.

Who’s UP, Who’s DOWN in NJ Politics, post-Election Edition
Have you recovered from your mid-term hangover, yet? Me neither. So how about a little hair of the dog then, while we recap an off-beat list of who’s up (and who’s NOT!) after an election marked by low turnout, SuperPAC money, and gerrymandering.
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Ditched from Main Debate Stage, Christie Still Hopes to have Hands in NH
Fox News’ consigning of Gov. Chris Christie to the smaller-sized sandbox doesn’t signal the death knell of his campaign, but obviously hurts him at a time when the 2016 presidential candidate had shown a pulse and flirted with a momentum spurt.
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Libutti Undertakes COS Role for LD11 Assemblypeople-elect
Monmouth County Democrats Executive Director Joe Libutti, 24 years old, will be Chief of Staff for the new District 11 Legislators. Libutti is County Chairman Vin Gopal‘s right-hand and closest political ally.
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LD16 Update: Zwicker Hits the Surf in Expectation of Monday
Democrats feel very confident heading into Monday’s certification of the LD16 election.
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LD16 Flashpoint: Simon Down by 60 Total After a Pickup of Seven in Somerset
Following the counting of provisional votes in Somerset County, Assemblywoman Donna Simon (R-16) picked up a net seven this morning but is still down by roughly 60 votes to Democratic challenger Andrew Zwicker, a plasma scientist from Kingston.
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Christie says Fox GOP debate snub is boosting his campaign donations
Gov. Chris Christie said Sunday he’s getting more donations for his presidential campaign since Fox Business Network booted him off the main stage for Tuesday’s GOP debate by using a process that relied on a selection of recent polls.
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Christie’s behind in the polls, but a TV attraction
He is far behind in the polls, strapped for campaign cash and relegated to the junior debate stage. But Governor Christie has television cameras — lots of television cameras — relaying his words to millions of viewers on an almost-daily basis.
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2015 elections likely saw lowest voter turnout in N.J. history
This past Tuesday’s elections in New Jersey are likely to make history, according to a prominent pollster — but not in a way that would make Garden State politicians proud.
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You’ll never believe who got Jim McGreevey to join Twitter
Former Gov. Jim McGreevey recently created his own Twitter page — but he still doesn’t have a profile picture, nor has he tweeted anything yet.
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Opinion: Moving municipal elections is good for Jersey City
The voters of Jersey City passed a non-binding referendum Tuesday that would reschedule city elections from May to November, a move that the City Council will likely ratify soon.
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Is debate demotion an obstacle or opportunity for Christie?
It’s a pretty well-known component of Chris Christie’s political career: Place him with a microphone in front of a camera and an audience and he will put on an impressive show.
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Re-elected Hamilton Mayor Yaede confronts Gov. Christie on taxes as NJ GOP declines
Gov. Chris Christie’s state Republican Party got smacked down in Tuesday’s elections as most of the voters carried an unfavorable view of the governor and a pessimistic opinion of New Jersey being on the wrong track.
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Bipartisan Gas-Tax Deal Could Fund Transportation
Serious conversations about raising New Jersey’s gas tax to head off a looming transportation-funding crisis were put on hold earlier this year, so lawmakers could focus on the Assembly elections that were just held in all 40 legislative districts earlier this week. But now with those contests in the rearview mirror, the talk in Trenton has shifted back to transportation.
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