tvDownload Gives Thanks: ‘Jessica Jones,’ King Shark, ‘Master of None’ and More

So bada$$.
A show with the title Mr. Robot debuting in the summer on the best-known-for-Burn Notice USA Network, unsurprisingly garnered low expectations. Then the premiere turned out to be kind of great. Then the entire show turned out to be kind of mind-blowing. Then the series overall kind of morphed into a nationally discussed phenomenon the likes of which we haven't seen since Lost. So thanks, Mr. Robot, for proving things like network, season, and titles don't get in the way of truly amazing television.
(photo: USA)
Gorilla Grodd and King Shark, for being f*cking cool.
I'm a happier person knowing I live in a world where CW's The Flash featured both an 800 pound psychic gorilla and a ten foot tall half-man/half-shark. Thanks, The Flash, for being the only comic book show on TV consistently unafraid of having a little fun.
Noël Wells, for being an absolute delight in Master of None
Was there anything more purely delightful than Noël Wells' Rachel in Netflix's Master of None? Yes, the entirety of Aziz Ansari's series was great, but Wells is the only one that lit up the screen every moment she was featured. Watching episode 6, 'Nashville,' you just wait and wait for the other shoe to drop, for the horrible character trait to present itself. In a rom-com-defying twist, it never does. Rachel is just that pleasant, and Dev and her are that meant to be...for the moment.
Netflix, for creating a dark, gritty, amazing Marvel Universe
For years, comic books fought to make their way into the mainstream. Marvel's connected MCU universe -- spanning films and TV -- worked wonders at achieving that goal. But what Marvel and Netflix are doing with it's small corner of the MCU is perhaps more implausible -- they are demanding superheroes be taken seriously. Daredevil and Jessica Jones are probably the most amazing projects Marvel Studios has put out to date for one reason -- they aren't just amazing comic book shows, they are amazing shows period.
Bill Simmons, for producing an HBO doc about Andre the Giant
No, I'm not happy that Grantland shut down this year. But there is a silver lining, and it weighs 500 pounds and stands over 7 feet tall. Grantland founder Bill Simmons is taking his talent to HBO, where he and director Jonathan Hock will develop, among other projects, an Andre the Giant documentary. Although this slightly soils the more than 50 scripts I've written for Andre biopics, this still makes me extremely happy.
Jon Stewart, for deciding his first post-Daily Show appearance should be costing John Cena the WWE Championship
Speaking of wrestling...Jon Stewart jumped into a ring and smacked a man with a chair in his VERY FIRST appearance after giving up The Daily Show reigns to Trevor Noah. If it's one thing I love, it's someone doing something unexpected. But this...this took unexpected and body-slammed it through a table. Thanks, Jon Stewart, for not doing what ANYONE thought you would do.
Gotham, for going absolutely insane
A year ago, I had such a love-hate relationship with FOX's Batman prequel Gotham. I loved the cast, the setting, and the mythology, but absolutely hated how serious it took itself sometimes. But, thankfully, when the series returned for its second season it decided to throw that out the window and go completely bonkers. It introduced a possible Joker, then stabbed him in the neck. It made Penguin and the Riddler a bickering old couple. It used THE FLAMINGO as a main villain. By going off the rails, Gotham finally found its footing.
'Hardhome,' for being Game of Thrones' most badass episode to date
Before the eighth episode of Game of Thrones' fifth season aired, HBO's fantasy drama hadn't been in the public discussion -- at least not for anything positive -- in a long while. Then, out of nowhere, Thrones reminded us all that it's still capable of pulling off a spectacle worthy of all our attention. It's a wonder that in a season that ended with Jon Snow bleeding to the death on the ground, it's still the image of his stand-off with the Night's King branded in my mind.
Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, for making Evil Dead relevant --and fun -- again in 2015
I don't know what's more incredible -- the fact that director Sam Raimi (along with his brother Ivan) managed to get an Evil Dead series on the air in 2015 starring Bruce Campbell, or the fact that it's probably the most purely entertaining half hour on television.
Legends of Tomorrow's Casper Crump, for having the name Casper Crump
Am I excited for CW's superhero team-up Legends of Tommorow? Sure. Am I 1000% more excited that the main villain is played by an actor named Casper Crump, a name so incredible it should just be his character's name, too? Yes, yes, 100 time yes.

Since I already equate Thanksgiving break with unimpeded opportunity to binge television, I figured I’d spend my time combining the two to give thanks to the actors, the moments, the shows and the breaking news I’m thankful for on TV in 2015. Sorry, Grandma. No, I don’t have a “real job” yet.

And 2015, for those paying attention to the tube, offered a lot to be grateful for. Your new favorite superheroine Jessica Jones launched people over tables. USA’s Mr. Robot blew our collective minds. Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart beat a man with a metal folding chair.

What a year.

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