11 Tasks You Wouldn’t Believe a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

(Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images).

(Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images).

While virtual assistants are on the rise, many remain skeptical about how much they can actually do to take tasks off your plate.

To find out, we caught up with Time etc, an award-winning virtual assistant platform, who told us some of the most surprising tasks their VAs received and accomplished. Here are 11 tasks you’d be surprised to learn were completed by VAs:

1. Research how to book a seat on Virgin Galactic for the first flight into space

2. Jazz up a PowerPoint presentation due to be presented to Madonna

3. Organize insomnia classes for a European royal

4. Read film scripts for a client, and make a call on whether or not he should invest in the films

5. Organize a shipment of politically sensitive documents to Rwanda

6. Find an appropriate recipe for pumpkin pie, work out how many pies – and consequently how many cans of pumpkin – would be required for 70 wedding guests, find a minimum of five suppliers and make a comparative spreadsheet with a breakdown of the can prices, delivery charges and links to the products.

7. Organize the transportation of a beloved family dog from the UK to Australia to coincide with a client’s business moving overseas—a complicated process that took six months to complete

8. Book private dance lessons for a client and a group of his male friends, so they could hit the dance floor at their friends’ weddings without embarrassing themselves

9. Complain to a seafood restaurant that gave a client food poisoning

10. Source and order rocket fuel

11. Complain to Gucci about a custom-made suit that wasn’t tailored to a client’s standard

11 Tasks You Wouldn’t Believe a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You