Building Trades Council Announces Support for North Jersey Casino Proposal

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Following Friday morning’s release of Senate President Steve Sweeney’s (D-3) proposal to amend the state constitution and allow the expansion of casino gaming into North Jersey, the New Jersey State Building and Construction Trades Council has announced its official support for Sweeney’s amendment.

William T. Mullen, the group’s president, said that the two new casinos would be New Jersey’s best shot at recovering the market share it has lost to out-of-state competitors.

“The proposal to expand gaming to North Jersey with the construction and operation of two new casinos will provide a real boost to trade workers and will be a forceful benefit to the state’s economy,” said Mullen. “It’s just what New Jersey’s casino industry needs to compete with the gaming facilities that border North Jersey.”

“The plan will put people to work in construction jobs and will create permanent jobs at the new casinos,” he said.

Mullen echoed the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters, who also said they would be supporting the proposal as it goes forward in both houses. Despite objections from legislators in Atlantic City and Atlantic County, the labor group’s endorsement adds to the developing groundswell of support from South Jersey.

“They will share in the benefits with an allocation of funds in a fair and reasonable way,” said Mullen of Atlantic City’s share in the new casinos’ revenues.

Building Trades Council Announces Support for North Jersey Casino Proposal