Honoring Rosa Parks, American Legend

PolitickerNJ would like to take a moment to honor the life and legacy of the late Rosa Parks, who in Montgomery, Alabama on Dec. 1st 1955 refused to giveRosaparks up her bus seat in the “colored section” to white passengers: a watershed moment in the Civil Rights movement.

Arrested for the act of defiance, Ms. Parks single-handedly sped the demolition of Southern segregation.

President Barack Obama issued a statement in memory of the historic event.

“Rosa Parks held no elected office,” Obama said. “She was not born into wealth or power.  Yet sixty years ago today, Rosa Parks changed America.  Refusing to give up a seat on a segregated bus was the simplest of gestures, but her grace, dignity, and refusal to tolerate injustice helped spark a Civil Rights Movement that spread across America.  Just a few days after Rosa Parks’ arrest in Montgomery, Alabama, a little-known, 26 year-old pastor named Martin Luther King Jr. stood by her side, along with thousands of her fellow citizens.  Together, they began a boycott.  Three-hundred and eighty-five days later, the Montgomery buses were desegregated, and the entire foundation of Jim Crow began to crumble.” Honoring Rosa Parks, American Legend