Jet-Setters Can Collect the Latest Gucci Bag in These 9 Major Cities

The contemporary Gucci G canvas acts as a classic backdrop for each city's distinguishing features


New York’s limited edition Gucci Dionysus City Bag is exclusive to the Fifth Avenue store. It’s the only one of the series available in the US (Photo: Courtesy Gucci).

After launching the Dionysus Milano bag this December, Gucci is now offering an entire collection of Dionysus special edition handbags, dedicated to eight other major cities. If you’re escaping New York this winter, search for this fresh take on the iconic bag at the flagship Gucci stores in Rome, New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Dubai.

All Dionysus bags share a double tiger-head closure and contemporary take on the exclusive Gucci G pattern. The canvas acts as the classic backdrop for each city’s distinguishing features. The Dubai bag stars a starfish and dragonflies, while London features a snake and roses.

Each bag has a different colored embroidered leather patch with a bee motif and the name of the city it represents. The patch colors are all representative of their city: rose for Tokyo, bougainvillea for New York, aqua for Rome, green for Dubai, soft burgundy for Hong Kong, white for Paris, red for Shanghai and blue for London. While the Dionysus City bags won’t be here in time for holiday shopping, it will be available from Gucci stores in the eight featured cities starting in January 2016, making this the perfect carryall for your globetrotting fashion month plans.

Jet-Setters Can Collect the Latest Gucci Bag in These 9 Major Cities