PolitickerNJ News Digest: Dec. 29th


It’s Tuesday morning, where Gov. Chris Christie is entering the home stretch in New Hampshire and we have a review of a new book examining Christie’s rise, fall and subsequent efforts to rise again.

Quote of the Day: “It wasn’t the national media’s coverage of him that started his ascendancy, it was his youtube views. It was geared to appeal to a young, white male audience. And it worked,” – Montclair University political scientist Brigid Harrison, on Gov. Chris Christie’s resurgence in the GOP presidential primary race.

An Opening for Christie in New Hampshire Numbers, Despite Weak Showings Elsewhere
With the New Hampshire primary fast approaching and Governor Chris Christie seeing a rise in popularity that no one would have predicted months ago, the question remains whether his campaign can parlay that unexpected rally into a viable longer-term candidacy. With only one staffer in South Carolina and virtually no preliminary campaigning in the states that follow New Hampshire and Iowa, Christie’s chances could rest on his ability to mimic frontrunner Donald Trump’s wildly successful new-media strategies while appealing to a party establishment desperate for a more even-keeled candidate.
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Former O’Donnell COS to Lead the Doe Fund’s Veteran Program
A former Aide to Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith and Chief of Staff to NJ Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell will take over as director of Michael_Embrichveterans services for one of New York City’s largest Non-Profit Organizations, The Doe Fund.
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Christie’s Shot
Gov. Chris Christie is looking to win New Hampshire, not Iowa. But then again, so was Senator John McCain in 2000. “And despite McCain crushing the front-runner, Gov. George W. Bush, by 19 points in New Hampshire andraising more than $500,000 overnight, McCain was not able to translate that landslide win into a nomination victory,” according to U.S. News and World Report.
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Source: Dems All About Gottheimer in 2016
A powerful Democrat told PolitickerNJ not to get too excited about the prospect of recruits for seats in congressional districts next year.
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Book Review: Matt Katz’s ‘American Governor’
As New Jersey Governor Chris Christie attempts to carve his path out in the 2016 presidential race, Matt Katz’s “American Governor” provides an account from the trenches of press row into the meteoric rise and fall of the governor from when he was considered the GOP’s future hope to where he now sits with his presidential aspirations waning.
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Two Paths to Redistricting?
In the Legislature, a bill is moving that would propose a constitutional amendment that would change the way the state’s legislative districts are configured.
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2015 in Christie’s N.J.
It’s impossible to deny that one of New Jersey’s biggest stories, if not the biggest story of the year was Chris Christie — all things Chris Christie.
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State failed to list 300,000 unclaimed properties in 2015
New Jersey’s Unclaimed Property Administration failed to post more than 300,000 cash and stock dormant properties to a website the public can use to find unclaimed assets, according to a new audit released Monday.
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Obama signs Pallone bill to keep plastics out of water
President Barack Obama on Monday signed legislation banning the use of microbeads in face wash, soap, toothpaste and other personal care products beginning in 2017.
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Ex-Bergen County Dem chairman Ferriero plans appeal of corruption conviction
Joseph A. Ferriero, the former head of the Bergen County Democratic Organization, filed a notice in federal court on Monday saying he plans to appeal his conviction on corruption charges along with the three-year-prison sentence he received earlier this month and an order to forfeit money to the government.
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Hearing set for Jan 7. on N.J. Assembly casino referendum plan
A public hearing on one of two competing plans to ask voters whether to authorize two new casinos in northern New Jersey will be held Jan. 7.
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Christie to end year in snowy Iowa
Snow, sleet and high winds wiped out the first day of Governor Christie’s latest presidential campaign trip in Iowa.
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Christie gains in N.H. and Trump notices
With the pivotal New Hampshire presidential primary just six weeks away, Chris Christie is getting to the point where he can starting putting some heat on Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.
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East Windsor names new councilwoman to replace late councilman
Denise Daniels has been appointed to fill the vacancy on East Windsor’s council left by longtime Councilman Hector Duke, who died earlier this month.
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Trump: Christie ‘can’t win because of his past’
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump unleashed a fusillade of attacks on rival Gov. Christie Monday, criticizing him on everything from New Jersey’s economy to the George Washington Bridge scandal.
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PolitickerNJ News Digest: Dec. 29th