‘Star Wars’ Premiere Fills Internet With Joy & Terror

The internet is at maximum hype for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but fear of spoilers leads to anger, hate and suffering.

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Can you feel it?
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It’s almost here. In just a few short hours, we’ll all finally get to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I can’t remember being this excited for a movie and I sense many more people who feel the same way.


Even if the merchandising has gotten a little out of control.

And the name is still, let’s be honest, a little silly.

Already, people are making plans for their screening. Some are making sure they have the perfect hairdo…

While others are going out of their way to be the most hated people in line. Like this Sith Lord here, for instance.

All the while, people are reminiscing about the series and remembering how groundbreaking those first movies were. For multiple reasons.

Even people who don’t like Star Wars (those poor souls) are feeling the power of the Force.

(That Photoshop job is a lot of effort for someone who doesn’t care. Just sayin’.)

The excitement was only fueled by early reviews. Is it possible? Could a new Star Wars movie actually be good?


It’s good to know the movie itself is more than just flashy special effects, though there are obviously plenty of those.

And as Tumblr user SteveInASpeedo pointed out, The Simpsons knows one way the movie could be even better.

Of course to all this excitement, there is a dark side. (That’s the last one, I promise.) Since the movie had its premiere earlier in the week, the internet has become a minefield of spoilers. Fans who don’t want to know anything about the movie going in have had to tread very carefully.

And warn anyone they might possibly interact with online to about the consequences for speaking too specifically about the plot.

This of course makes them very easy to troll.

Some are unfortunately taking the trolling too far, though. Over on Reddit, some people with nothing better to do began deliberately spoiling the movie on the site’s front page. It’s made many of the site’s users angry. Very angry.
jupQKmk(Via Reddit/MidnightSandwich)

The site’s moderators have been deleting the offending posts and banning users to combat the onslaught of spoilers. Aren’t you glad you don’t have their job?
UIvJnmn(Via Reddit/Comicspedia)

Though as many of the site’s own users will tell you, Reddit can still be a terrible place with the most messed up priorities.
cre1ipt(Via Reddit/ronglangren)

Still, no matter where it happens, being spoiled on something like this sucks.

Even the Philadelphia Police agree.

(Sidenote: Philly PD seems pretty awesome.)

So please, lets follow the advice of a wise Jedi knight.

And hey, even if you do get spoiled, remember that there’s another one of these coming out next year.

Is it too early to start the hype train for this one?

‘Star Wars’ Premiere Fills Internet With Joy & Terror