Team Sweeney Promotes a New Website

Senate President Sweeney discusses New Jersey: Investing In You.

Senate President Sweeney discusses New Jersey: Investing In You.

Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) sent an email this morning to friends in which he promotes a new Steve Sweeney website.

Sweeney, of course, has more than just his big toe dipped into 2017. There’s a super PAC that’s already operational and the senate president continues to avidly tour North Jersey to highlight his support and seek more.

The letter he sent this morning (and a link to his new website) are as follows:

Friend —

I want to take a moment to communicate with you directly and highlight what we as Democrats in New Jersey have accomplished and where we’re headed. 

It’s great to be a Democrat because our party is right on the issues.

We believe in protecting the rights and benefits of workers, securing and growing the middle class, and investing in our economy to create jobs and expand economic opportunity.

This year, as Democrats, we won an important victory when the Senate voted to override Governor Christie’s veto of common sense gun-safety legislation and we are committed to fixing the state’s pension system through a constitutional amendment.

But there is much work to be done. The concentration of wealth in the hands of a few at the expense of everyone else threatens to undermine the middle-class and close the doors of opportunity for too many New Jerseyans. 

But I will not let that happen. 

As the Governor endlessly campaigns out-of-state in an extremist GOP presidential primary, we must continue to hold him accountable for his misguided decisions. You can expect us to keep him honest, work to reverse his policies of disinvestment and empower the people who make our state the best in the nation.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you as we move ahead, and I hope that you will find my new website an easy way to follow our progress and offer your thoughts:

Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year.



Stephen M. Sweeney
Senate President


  Team Sweeney Promotes a New Website