Captain America Follows Jessica Jones But Not Daredevil on Twitter

How Manhattan startup SocialRank helped unearth the rift among Marvel characters on social media

Netflix, for creating a dark, gritty, amazing Marvel Universe

The eponymous characters of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, respectively. (Photos: Netflix)

What do the official Twitter accounts of Marvel characters have against Daredevil? The big guns aren’t following old hornhead. Do you know who Tony Stark, Thor, Captain America and Luke Cage are all following, however? Jessica Jones. The big guns like the new girl, apparently, but not Daredevil.

Daredevil and Jessica Jones have been the first two shows in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to show up on Netflix. The Observer has been pleased by both. Each follows the story of street level superheroes doing their thing in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen.

We found the follower gap between the two accounts after the Observer got a tour of SocialRank, a startup company co-founded by two alums of the payments company Dwolla. “The dirtiest question in social media is: What’s the ROI on social?” Alex Taub, one of the co-founders, told us during a visit to the company’s coworking office space this week. Mr. Taub wants to help companies and brands be more strategic on social media. For example, the goal for most brands is more followers, but what if they pursued fewer but more influential followers?

Tools to identify those followers the right way can be powerful. The Red Cross used it to recruit Wanderlei Silva (an MMA fighter), one of its most prominent followers in Los Angeles, to call for his fans to turn out as blood donors at a drive in that city.

SocialRank uses publicly available information that Twitter doesn’t give easy ways to sort. Anyone can join SocialRank and get their own Twitter followers sorted and searched a number of ways (by follower account, by location, etc). Paid users can use its Market Intelligence feature to sort that public information in ways that reveal other insights—in particular, comparing the followers of two accounts. Market Intelligence came out of beta in August.

For example, Canada Goose could find all the people who follow Moose Knuckles but not it and target them with promoted tweets. Or it could identify all of Moose Knuckles’ most influential followers and offer to ship them a free coat.

The young company let us try it out. That’s how we found that all these big Marvel characters are cold shouldering one Netflix show on Twitter, but not the new girl on the block.

The fourth show Marvel plans to roll out, Iron Fist, didn’t go along with the rest. Danny Rand follows Daredevil and not Jessica Jones. Weird, right?

Incidentally, Jessica Jones also got the Taye Diggs follow while Daredevil didn’t.

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Below, we’ve listed a bunch of other differences. These are curated lists from the most followed accounts from SocialRank results that seemed interesting (we took out accounts like cast members, Netflix and other obvious ones). They are sorted with the accounts with the most followers at the top of each list.

Klout, by the way, is a proprietary ranking system that’s meant to take into account both number of followers and how much influence the account has with them, on a scale of 100. @BarackObama has a Klout score of 99.

Accounts that follow @Daredevil but don’t follow @JessicaJones:

  • Jenna Marbles. 3.97M followers. Klout 78. Comic YouTuber.
  • Joel McHale. 3.8M followers. Klout 83. Comic actor and personality.
  • Gordon Ramsay. 2.7M followers. Klout 85. TV chef.
  • Gucci Mane. 2.4M followers. Klout 86. Rapper. Convicted felon.
  • Arjun Kapoor. 1.84M followers. Klout 73. Bollywood actor.
  • Darth Ryan. 1.7M followers. Klout 47. Some guy that likes Star Wars in Wisconsin, maybe.

Accounts that follow @JessicaJones but don’t follow @Daredevil:

Accounts that follow both:

  • Jonathan Ross. 4.9M followers. Klout 84. Television producer and, recently, mobile video game maker.
  • DJ King Assassin. 4.57M followers. Klout 77. Musician and producer.
  • Marquis Trill. 3.94M followers. Klout 62. YouTube personality and entertainment entrepreneur.
  • Pleasure Ellis. 1.87M followers. Klout 61. “Singer/Actor/Serial Entrepreneur.”
  • Cory Booker. 1.6M followers. Klout 87. Senator from New Jersey.
  • Ryan Penagos. 1.3M followers. Klout 79. Digital media editorial director at Marvel Entertainment.

Daredevil is still ahead overall. He has 239K followers to Jessica Jones’s 113K. On the other hand, DD isn’t even followed by the company that created him, @Marvel. Scandal.

What’s it mean for cohesion on The Defenders?

UPDATE: All the big characters are following @Daredevil now. Whew! The heroes are united, after all. Thank goodness. December 3, 2016 at 2:06 PM. Captain America Follows Jessica Jones But Not Daredevil on Twitter