Todd Chrisley Went On the Best Tweetstorm After Steve Harvey Botched Miss Universe

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Steve Harvey has upgraded from making cousins feel awkward on a pre-recorded daytime game show to making the world feel awkward on live television. (Screengrab: YouTube)

The Internet was abuzz last night after Steve Harvey mistakenly crowned Miss Colombia the winner of the Miss Universe pageant and then came back on stage to announce Miss Philippines had actually won. He quickly took the blame for the incredibly awkward turn of events and held up the results card for the camera to show that it was correct and he simply misread it.

Almost immediately following the end of the show, Mr. Harvey took to Twitter to apologize profusely. His first apology tweet saw more than 83,000 RTs. (Note: This was his second attempt at this tweet. He first misspelled both Colombia and the Philippines and then re-wrote the tweet).

As with all blunders of this magnitude, the topic instantly began trending on social media, where Mr. Harvey was mocked and quickly turned into a meme. But while the Internet joked, one man rushed to his defense: Todd Chrisley, who stars in the sitcom-like reality show Chrisley Knows Best alongside his wife and children.

It started with one supportive comment but quickly turned into an all-out tweetstorm. Not including replies, Mr. Chrisley tweeted and retweeted about the topic 49 times and began trending in Atlanta, where he lives. In addition to communicating with Mr. Harvey, Mr. Chrisley also took it upon himself to take down the haters.

After someone replied to this tweet asking how he knows what they’re saying if he doesn’t speak spanish and personally insulted him, he had a few choice words:

Here’s some more of the Twitter rampage:

It’s unclear why Mr. Chrisley so passionately defended Mr. Harvey.

Todd Chrisley Went On the Best Tweetstorm After Steve Harvey Botched Miss Universe