A New Jersey Guy (Not Named Christie) in New Hampshire

grantVeteran politico Bob Grant of Denville rode an interesting narrative arc as chief spokesman for Paterson Mayor Marty Barnes, then adviser to Paterson Mayor Jeff Jones., right up to tonight, when he arrived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to volunteer for Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign.

“I… got a briefing on what they are doing and when,” Grant told PolitickerNJ. “We then adjourned to another HQ in Hampton for a GOTV training session which was extremely thorough–these folks want to win and expect to.”

A CNN Poll this week put Sanders a whopping 30 points over establishment rival Hillary Clinton in the Granite State.

“The volunteers include newly minted voters right through a crusty gentleman who said his first canvas was for JFK in 1960,” Grant said. “Lots of enthusiasm.  They are well prepared and know what they are doing.”

Grant plans more forays into New Hampshire in the coming days as the state heads toward the February 9th election.

A New Jersey Guy (Not Named Christie) in New Hampshire