Afternoon Bulletin: NYPD Sergeant Faces Charges Over Eric Garner Arrest

A NYPD sergeant faces internal charges for her role in the confrontation with unarmed black man, Eric Garner, that lead to his death.

US-PROTEST-POLICE-GARNERA New York Police Department sergeant faces internal charges for her role in the confrontation that led to Eric Garner’s death in 2013. Mr. Garner was placed in a chokehold by an officer at the time of his arrest for selling loose cigarettes in Staten Island. Currently, no police officers have been charged in the case. However, city officials were forced to initiate internal charges against sergeant Kizzy Adonis due to an 18-month statute of limitations written into the sergeant’s labor contract that was due to run out. The Police Department is still awaiting the results of a federal investigation before any further charges can be made regarding this case. (New York Times)

Early this morning, a 31-year-old man jumped to his death from a building and landed on the oxygen tank of Mt. Sinai Roosevelt Hospital in Midtown. The hospital’s tank was ruptured upon impact leading to an evacuation of the emergency department. The tank was a backup, and so did not stop any of the oxygen flow to the hospital. The emergency room was re-opened about three hours after the evacuation. Police are still investigating the incident, and the hospital will be using a portable oxygen system while the rupture is being repaired. (Daily News)

An Upper West Side high school teacher claims that she was fired for teaching lessons about the Central Park Five, due to a fear by administrators that they would “rile up” black students. English teacher Jeena Lee-Walker says she was urged by her bosses at the High School for Arts, Imagination and Inquiry in November 2013 to take a more “balanced” approach when teaching about the Central Park jogger case that resulted in five black and Latino teens being charged and then exonerated after spending several years in prison for the attack. Ms. Lee-Walker has filed suit in Manhattan Federal Court, naming the Department of Education and several school administrators as defendants. (Daily News)

St. Mark’s Place mainstay Trash and Vaudeville has confirmed that the store will be moving out of its home of 40 years and, if all goes well, settling on Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue early this fall. Store owner Ray Goodman cited a changing retail scene, rising rent prices and projected construction plans as reasons for the store’s move. He believes the store’s new home has a better retail variety, with an array of restaurants and consignment shops nearby. Though the new store will be located further east than its original home, it will maintain its original punk rock vibe. (EV Grieve)

David Chang’s long-awaited Momofuku project in Chelsea is opening tonight as Momofuku Nishi. The next restaurant in the Momofuku empire is intended to be a Korean restaurant that is inspired by Italy, headed by executive chef Joshua Pinsky. The menu will consist of Korean food, inspired by Italy. Mr. Chang’s new restaurant will also eliminate tipping. (Grub Street)

Afternoon Bulletin: NYPD Sergeant Faces Charges Over Eric Garner Arrest