Baraka Weathers Criticism in Wake of Snowstorm

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The Administration of Mayor Ras Baraka is under fire in Newark in the aftermath of this weekend’s blizzard.

Take a look at this report on the post storm situation in New Jersey’s largest city.

The apparent stumbled response to the winter crisis had the allies of former Mayor (and now Senator) Cory Booker giddily contrasting what critics say is a moribund crisis-time sitting mayor with Booker, who irritated critics with his Twittering self-promotion but appeared – at least – in charge.

The photo above made social media rounds as Brick City tried to recover from the storm.

A Newark resident told PolitickerNJ that the criticism was not limited to Booker people.

“Not only are the streets are unclean but people’s property taxes are going up nine percent,” said a source. “Why?”


Baraka Weathers Criticism in Wake of Snowstorm