‘BitchCoin’ Artist Shows in Chelsea, NYPL Releases Image Trove, and More

Sarah Meyohas, Speculation. (Photo: Where Gallery).
Sarah Meyohas, Speculation. (Photo: Where Gallery).

The artist that brought us “BitchCoin,” a cryptocurrency modeled after Bitcoin—is beginning a 10-day residency at 303 Gallery in Chelsea this Friday. Sarah Meyohas will be creating paintings based on trading in the New York Stock Exchange and produce 20 books for the gallery.

The New York Public Library has released 180,000 digital images into the public domain. The out-of-copyright material is available through the library’s website with free high-resolution downloads and library encourages everyone to “just go forth and reuse!”

According to findings from art market researcher Magnus Resch of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, only 40 percent of gallery give out price lists on request, and 10 percent won’t give them out at all unless you’re a bigwig collector. At a conference in Barcelona, Art Basel director Marc Spiegler has called for more transparency, explaining that withholding prices allows auction houses—who openly provide sales to the public—to define the market.

The New York Post’s Sara Stewart finds the execution of the new art world documentary Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art not very troublesome at all and gives it one star out of four.

The relocation of beloved San Francisco art supply store Flax Art & Design from Market Street to Oakland spells trouble for the city’s art community, which, according to KQED, has also seen 70 percent of its artist residents displaced by an increasingly expensive housing market in recent years.


Also in The New York Times, Holland Cotter reviews Lebanon-born Walid Raad’s MoMA retrospective, and industrial designer Richard Sapper—well known for designing the Alessi and Coban 9090 espresso makers—has died at 83. ‘BitchCoin’ Artist Shows in Chelsea, NYPL Releases Image Trove, and More