Campaigning in N.H., Christie In the Eye of Post-Storm N.J.

Gov. Chris Christie faces criticism this afternoon in the aftermath of morning comments he made that contradict events on theccc ground in the aftermath of Hurricane Jonas.

“There is no residual damage, there is no flooding damage,” Christie said on Morning Joe on Monday.

The governor spoke from the campaign trail in New Hampshire, where he is laboring to try to become the Republican nominee for governor.

State Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1), a longtime cross-the-aisle ally of the governor’s, begged to differ with Christie’s assessment of the storm.

“As you are aware, New Jersey’s coastal areas were hard hit by flooding as a result of the historic weekend storm that struck the East Coast,” Van Drew wrote in a letter to Christie in which he requested federal disaster aid funds. “Cape May County experienced some of the most severe flooding, with high tide levels above those we saw during Superstorm Sandy, and will undoubtedly need assistance to expedite recovery and help reduce the financial burden these kinds of weather events place on local governments as well as residents.”

The governor’s differing version from Van Drew and others produced a renewed state of criticism in his home state, including this piece from New Jersey’s paper of record. But on the campaign trail, Christie compared leading in a storm to leading a fight against ISIS and took credit for what he said was a great state response to the storm.

“I’m proud that we didn’t lose one life in New Jersey yesterday because the people of New Jersey, as crazy as it seems, they listen to me.”


  Campaigning in N.H., Christie In the Eye of Post-Storm N.J.