Christie Backs up Sweeney with Call to Prieto to Post Senate Version of Casinos Bill

Christie has long built a reputation of being combative.

Campaigning for president in an accelerated period with less than a month remaining before the Iowa caucuses and with his home state jammed up against a January 11th deadline for this session’s legislative agenda, Gov. Chris Christie broke his silence in the middle of the statewide brawl between Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32), siding with Sweeney.

“I have already clearly stated my support for the expansion of gaming to Northern New Jersey given the economic growth and job creation it will bring to our state,” said Christie in a statement.

“We should advance this item before the end of the legislative session,” he added, grinding a forearm into the opposition party as he guts out the critical period of the 2016 GOP presidential primary. “It is disturbing that infighting within the Democratic party over competing gaming bills may deprive the voters of the ability to consider this question in November.”

Then he publicly attached himself to the bill backed by Sweeney, echoing an exhortation by the senate president earlier today to Prieto to back Sweeney’s version of the North Jersey casino bill.

“Right now, it appears that ACR-2 does not have sufficient support to move forward in the Assembly,” said Christie, amid an undercurrent of suggestions that South Jersey Democrats have been in direct talks with GOP leadership int he assembly.

“If that is the case, inaction should not be an option,” the governor said. “The only remaining course of action to put the ball in the end zone on this important issue is to post SCR-185 for a vote in the Assembly on Monday after its passage in the Senate.  Delay puts the expansion of gaming in peril. That is not in the interests of anyone in New Jersey, North or South.” Christie Backs up Sweeney with Call to Prieto to Post Senate Version of Casinos Bill