Christie Supporter Arango Weighs in on Rubio Feud

Arango, Giattino and Kenny.

Arango (left) with Hoboken Councilwoman Jen Giattino and former Senator Bernie Kenny.

As Florida Senator Marco Rubio and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie duke it out for third and fourth place finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire, the two have started to wage a war of words against each other. On Tuesday, the Governor said the Senator wouldn’t be able to face off against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and win. Last week, the two sparred at the GOP debate.

According to long-time Christie supporter and Hudson County Republican Chairman Jose Arango, that battle is a byproduct of the similarities of both candidates, especially as they attempt to position themselves as the alternative choice to businessman Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

“It is a competitive situation,” Arango told PolitickerNJ. “They both have basically the same position. They are both Republicans and they are both moderate. They are competing with each other. At the end of the day, whoever is the winner of those two we will all be united behind. It is better than Donald Trump.”

While he acknowledged that it is the similarities between the two that have led to the recent uptick in combative comments between them, Arango said that he still believes Christie would be a superior president than Rubio.

“When it comes to experience, Chris Christie is a Governor, he was a prosecutor, he dealt with terrorism,” Arango said. “If I have to choose, I choose Chris Christie because he was a Governor. Look at Obama. He was a junior senator and now look at the disaster we have in foreign affairs.”

Though Christie’s campaign has been struggling, the Republican known for his headstrong personality does not seem to be giving up. Arango thinks that failure to call it quits on his campaign is a wise one.

“I think Chris Christie is going to do better than people think in those two states [New Hampshire and Iowa],” Arango said. “I think he has done very well in New Hampshire. He is the second choice of everybody there.”

As of now, Christie is clocking only three percent in Iowa while Rubio has 12 percent. The two are running neck and neck in New Hampshire.

Christie Supporter Arango Weighs in on Rubio Feud